She’s the Maltese star who won last year’s 1 in 360 talent show, and represented San Marino along with Jenifer Brening at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.

Today, she does it alone as Jessika, dropping a banging new single– “No La Conoces

No La Conoces” (Spanish for “You Don’t Know Her“) is a modern pop-banger crafted for the dance floor. With Latin influences and a feel-good chorus, the song’s release date coincides with the artist’s birthday – all whilst ushering in an early 2019 summer vibe.

Stefan Moessle and Daniel Konold, who had both worked on her Eurovision entry “Who We Are“, return as producers of the track. Containing lyrics that talk about an intriguing stranger, Jessika is that girl who has been through a lot of trials, but draws strength from her experiences. The track’s cool reggae vibe bursts into a cool catchy chorus – full of trumpets and attitude.

The lyric video shows Jessika with her trademark fiery red hair – owning her space, but in a playful, inviting manner. She’s no doubt confident, but carefree.

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Jessika explains:

The collaboration on this song started when Sefan Moessle approached me after Eurovision. I already had the idea for the style and parts of the lyrics. It took us a few versions until we were happy with it, but now I’m super excited to be sharing this project with you. I’m excited about this release because it’s the next milestone after Eurovision. I received a lot of love from fans and especially you at wiwibloggs, so this song is really for the fans and the ones that supported me from day one. It is for those that got to know me through Eurovision, and those who still support me now.

Do you like Jessika’s new single? Does it make you want to dance? Let us know in the comments section down below.

Lyrics – No La Conoces

It’s true,
you have seen her before
sitting all by herself at the bar

To you
she’s just a pretty face
her sad blue eyes calling you from afar

When she smiles
she is fighting the tears
the good times and the bad in the years gone by

no escaping it now
but there’s more to her than meets the eye

Don’t need no hero
doesn’t need a saviour
(oh oh ey oh)
Cuz she saved herself before

Don’t need no hero
just someone to love
(oh oh ey oh)
and somebody to know

pero no la conoces…

She’s strong
yes she knows what she wants
wouldn’t change her ways for any man

For too long
she didn’t put herself first
swore to herself: never again

When she smiles
don’t mean the sadness is gone
it will always be a part of her

Don’t even try
those games that you play
but if that’s what you prefer


Be careful what you say
first impressions aren’t undone
but that doesn’t mean
that you can’t be the one

Oh oh oh
un poco mas cerca


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3 years ago

I love this girl… becoming a total fanboy when it comes to her ;-)… thanks for the article…

esc stan
esc stan
3 years ago

she was robbed last year
comment image

3 years ago

Yay! Jessika is back!! And solo this time, thank God! Great tune! We love you Jess <3