Third time’s the charm! Swiss-Romanian trio Timebelle, who represented Switzerland at Eurovision 2017, have not stopped gigging since Kyiv.

Last year, they joined forces with Sunstroke Project on the party dance anthem “Tocame”. Today, they’re bolstering their musical partnership with producer Soundland by releasing their first single of the year “Movin’ On“.

“Moving On” is the third collaboration between Soundland and the Swiss-Romanian band, with previous singles including “Heartache” and “Come Around”. In “Movin’ On”, Miruna Manescu’s seductive voice is vocoded into 2019, whilst gliding over a feel-good electro-pop production. Fellow Timebelle members Samuel Forster and Emmanuel Daniel Andriescu add to the overall aural experience.

The music video takes us to the icy snowscapes of Switzerland, but the mastering gives this radio number enough thrust to take you to the dance floor. Unpacking this track is at your own pace – it may be a dance number, but thankfully, it isn’t frantic.

The song could be described as a message of strength and self assurance.

Speaking exclusively with wiwibloggs, Timebelle explain the message further:

“In contrast to its dark vibe, “Movin’ On” is not about one’s ability to move forward in life, to achieve goals and to become someone of better importance. It’s about rejecting grand ideas and allowing ourselves to enjoy our fun, wild and spontaneous sides. “Movin’ On” puts an end to these expectations, at least for a few minutes, in which we can all lose ourselves.”

“Moving On” is available on all digital music platforms now.

“Moving’ On” lyrics – Soundland x Timebelle

It’s late in the hour
Got some fever to share
Cause a feeling like this
Can’t find everywhere
Got some fever for you
If you’ll embrace
It’s late in the night
Feel the fever in them
Always looking for action
Gotta learn how to share
Cause a feeling like this
You can’t find everywhere

I got a world to change
Temptations everywhere
Got a lot to say
I’m runnin’ out of air
Got no fear
Got no fear

Because i’m movin’ on, movin on, movin on
Because i’m movin’ on, movin on, movin on
Gotta keep up the pace
Don’t loose the chase
I’m movin on
Now I’m movin on

What do you think of “Moving On”? Do you like the music video? Are you enjoying Timebelle’s third collaboration with Soundland? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Loved Apollo! 😀

esc stan
esc stan

Thank you for reminding me that they were ROBBED!
Now I’m in a bad mood
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bop-whop-a-lu bop

Did you see what Ant1 (Greek TV channel) said about Netherlands? They are just ridiculous!


what did they say?

bop-whop-a-lu bop
bop-whop-a-lu bop

that Duncan is in first place not because of song but because he is naked