The craze in Spain for reality shows doesn’t stop at Operación Triunfo. There’s also Fama a Bailar, which could be described as the dancing answer to OT. Producers often use Eurovision tracks as the basis for the contestants’ choreography. On Sunday, it was time to Tamta’s “Replay” to take centre stage.

Judging from the music video, we could already guess that the Cypriot entry for Eurovision 2019 would lend itself to some killer choreography. But Fama‘s Lohi and Davo blew up even our highest expectations.

Serving red monochrome realness, tons of attitude and on point coordination, the pair nailed those dance moves. We can already see the Cypriot delegation and Sacha Jean-Baptiste taking notes.

It’s worth mentioning that this is the first time that a Eurovision song from outside of Spain has been used on the show before the actual contest happens. It’s quite an accomplishment for Tamta.

In fact, during the song allocation, the professors of the school (i.e. Fama’s response to OT’s academy) had to explain to the contestants that the song was Cyprus’ entry for Eurovision 2019, because they had been locked in the school since before “Replay” was released.

The producers of the show appear to have a soft spot for the island of Aphrodite, as last year’s entry was also used for choreography.

Indeed, Eleni Foureira herself performed on the show last year and put on a masterclass. All the contestants had to perform the highly energetic choreography of “Fuego”, along with Eleni, and the result is just out of this world.

Eleni Foureira — “Fuego” live at Fama a Bailar

Miki is visiting Fama on Tuesday

The Fama team has invited Tamta on Twitter to join them to perform “Replay”. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Spain’s representative Miki will be performing on the Fama daily show.

Miki has been teasing us with his choreography for “La venda” at Eurovision, which is said to be very complicated and energetic. Will he give us any hint of what to expect on Tuesday? We’ll have to wait and see.

As you may see in the photo, Miki, Eleni and Tamta aren’t the only Eurovision stars in Fama. Tonight, right after Lohi and Davo’s rendition of “Replay”, Belgium’s Eurovision 2006 representative, Kate Ryan, came on stage to perform some of her songs. The “Je t’adore” singer is still kicking, y’all!

Did you like Lohi and Davo’s dance to “Replay”? Do you think Cyprus should take ideas from this choreography? Let us know in the comments section below.

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5 years ago

Hold on Europe.. Tamta will slayyyyyy 😀

5 years ago