After weathering the storm on a balcony on an April afternoon in London, our William and Deban were delighted to finally have a chat with Estonia’s favourite Swede: Victor Crone. The trio exchanged hair and health tips (drink plenty of water y’all!) as well as gossiping about the upcoming Wiwi Jam in Tel Aviv. Victor also caught up with Deban in Madrid at the #PrePartyES. The man slays in any country code.

Victor Crone interview — London Eurovision Party

Wiwi jurors and readers alike have noticed that Victor’s entry “Storm” echoes Avicii and offers a “Nashville meets Tallinn” energy. Speaking about his musical origins, Victor explains: “I’ve always been in love with country music, I started working in the US when I was 18, actually in Nashville. I recorded an album but it didn’t ever get released unfortunately. So there’s a lot of country songs lying around somewhere.”

As much as we’d love to, we won’t be hearing those songs anytime soon. “They’re in a box somewhere, but we’ve got new songs to release! I’ve been writing lots of new ones with Stig so I’m looking forward to it.”

Estonian Eurovision veteran Stig Rästa is the man we can thank for bringing Victor not only to Tallinn, but to the Eesti Laul stage. “He was in Sweden three years ago for a songwriting session, we wrote a song and we connected. Then he invited me over to Tallinn and I’ve been going back and forth for three years. For the last month I’ve been living in Tallinn, it’s so close. Taking a flight is 45 minutes.”

“Storm” — Victor Crone (London Eurovision Party performance)

In conversation about the message of his song, Victor makes clear “it’s always up to the listener” how each individual interprets “Storm”. However there’s a universal message within the lyrics. “Especially nowadays it’s a good message. Whatever you’re going through, hard times, it’s going to get better, just hang in there. Never give up! That’s what I was brought up with, never give up.”

Victor Crone interview — Eurovision Party Madrid

Victor also caught up with Deban in Madrid. Once again, hair was an important topic but that’s not all that we discussed. Victor’s upcoming EP is going to be as amazing as his hair, featuring collaborations with DJs from Estonia, Sweden and Norway. He’s even spoken with Darude about working together after Eurovision.

Victor is also a songwriter and has written for many artists. He discusses the feeling of having a song taken by another artist, which is a moment of joy for him. He learned a lot from Stig Rästa and their collaboration has added a lot to his songwriting.

Having slayed at the London Eurovision Party and Eurovision Party Madrid, Victor is also ready to take the stage at the Theatre Club in Tel Aviv. He will perform as part of the Wiwi Jam on Wednesday 15 May.

What do you think? Do you think Estonia deserves a place in the Eurovision final? Let us know in the comments!

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2 years ago

This guy cleans up well.

2 years ago

Is it just me or is Deban being WAY too sexual with his interviews with Victor Crone? Especially that other interview filmed in the hotel room. Also, wtf was that hair touching?

2 years ago
Reply to  Fefe

Have you saw the interview with Douwe Bob? He literally makes Douwe run away.