In recent weeks a lot of you guys have been busy singing — and lip-syncing — as part of the MyHeritage #DareToSing competition. You’re not lip-syncing for your life. But you are lip-syncing for an all-inclusive group trip to Tel Aviv for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019!

And today we have good news. Owing to popular demand, and to give all you singing assassins a bit more time to get your videos together, MyHeritage are extending the deadline to May 1. That’s May 1 of next week. Warm up those vocal chords and let’s do this!

You just have to record a group video with your favourite Eurovision tunes for a chance to win. Here’s one example we came across this morning.

Please note: This competition is separate to the #wiwiVIP ticket giveaway. The MyHeritage #DareToSing contest is for an ALL-INCLUSIVE TRIP TO EUROVISION FOR A GROUP OF UP TO FIVE!

#DareToSing: What can I win?

The prize from MyHeritage includes:

  • VIP tickets to the Eurovision Final
  • Round-trip airfare to Tel Aviv
  • Full board, five-star accommodation. (Yes, you can eat like King David in Israel!)

What are the rules from MyHeritage?

The video must be recorded in a parked car and all participants (up to 5 people) must be visible.

The song must be an entry from any past or current Eurovision Song Contest.

Video entries should not exceed three minutes.

Background music and lip syncing are allowed, but at least one person must sing and have their voice audible.

OMG, yas! Tell me exactly what to do.

  1. Record your video
  2. Upload your video to YouTube or Facebook, and include the following text in your post: #MyHeritage asked if I #DareToSing for a chance to win an all-inclusive group trip to #Eurovision in Tel Aviv! 
  3. Set the privacy of the post to public
  4. Complete the Registration Form and accept the Terms and Conditions
  5. Select your video post from YouTube or Facebook

You can enter and read the full rules on the MyHeritage competition web site.

So don’t be shy. Put yourself out there and you may end up in Tel Aviv at Eurovision. If you arrive early enough we’ll be happy to have you at the Wiwi Jam too!

Wiwibloggs’ live coverage from Tel Aviv will be presented by MyHeritage. You can buy your limited-edition Eurovision DNA Kits while supplies last. Use the code ESCWIWI for free shipping. 

Visit the MyHeritage web site for your chance to win

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5 years ago

But I don’t have a car… QQ

James C
James C
5 years ago

Hey guys! It would be incredible if you could vote for my video! Being massive Eurovision fans living in Australia makes it quite expensive to head over for the contest (especially with a nice big student debt that we both have). This is our chance to live the dream!

Sascha Bachmann
5 years ago

Please vote for us and share on Facebook ??????????
I Love uuuu all

5 years ago

Hi everyone! I am participating in Dare to Sing competition. Check out my video on the link below and please vote for us if you like it: