Back in 2015, there was one singer whose lack of a top five placing at Eurovision was so shocking that we ranked it as the biggest crime of the year. And now, after four years of silence, Spain’s Edurne is back with the new single “Demasiado tarde” (“Too late”). It’s her new dawn, and we’re delighted to say she’s looking as composed and talented as ever.

This new track sees the “Amanecer” singer duet with Venezuelan musical veteran Carlos Baute. It’s a sweet Latin-pop ballad about waiting until it’s too late before following your love. In terms of the themes of the lyrics, it’s incredibly similar to Sweden’s Eurovision 2019 entry by John Lundvik. But musically, it’s true honest-to-good Latin pop.

The song is very on-trend and has some beautiful understated electronic elements. At it’s core though, it’s a classic sultry Latin ballad. It’s a genre that both Edurne and Carlos Baute are both very familiar with, and their experience and affinity with this type of music shines as brightly as the sunrise.

Edurne and Carlos Baute – “Demasiado tarde”

The music video is also a typical passionate Spanish affair. It features Edurne and Carlos in black-and-white, looking stunning whilst embracing each other.

Interspersed throughout in colour is a love story about a school-age girl and boy. The young girl protects the boy after he gets bullied for wearing his glasses, and the two share some romantic moments. As the two grow up, the boy and girl show a clear attraction to each other and the boy learns to appreciate his own strength.

By the end, the two reunite as adults, with the boy introducing his new significant other. The girl is clearly disappointed to see that she missed the chance at being the significant other herself, but accepts it nonetheless.

It’s a very simple but hugely effective and emotional music video, teaching us all a very important lesson. Grab your opportunities before they go, y’all!

Edurne may have stayed away from the musical spotlight in the past few years, but she’s been doing her fair share of grabbing those opportunities.

After the success of her sixth album Adrenalina back in 2015, she joined the panel of Got Talent España. Three years later, she dabbled in acting by entering the cast of daytime soap opera Servir y protega.

The Spanish tigress is certainly the full package. Now with her return music, we’re hoping that she’ll finally deliver on her statement about coming back to Eurovision. Time to turn twenty-first into first!

So what do you think of Edurne’s latest offering? Are you hoping she’ll make a return to the Eurovision stage? What do you think she could bring for Spain? Let us know below!

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3 years ago

I prefer her epic ballad at Eurovision. I still have in my head the image of the dancer holding her in the air. One of the best photographies at Eurovision ever.

Black eyes
3 years ago
Reply to  KarWorld


3 years ago
Reply to  KarWorld

Absolutely. I very liked Amanecer and still think it deserved ending much better than 21st place, but that’s nothing compared to Giuseppe di Bella. Really, he’s so cute and talented dancer (and he’s also fckin hot). Would like to see him performing in ESC again 🙂