Every day between now and the grand final in May, the team from wiwibloggs will be rounding up the latest titbits from the world of Eurovision 2019. We’ve trawled through Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere so that y’all don’t have to. This is the Daily Digest for Monday 29 April.

Roko performs at Miss Universe Croatia

On Saturday night, Croatia’s singer Roko Blazevic was a special guest on the televised show Miss Universe Hrvatske 2019, the Croatian preselection for the Miss Universe pageant. There he sang his Eurovision entry “The Dream”. Here is a photo of him with Ivana Trump and the mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandić. (Antony)

Michela Pace gives debut live performance of “Chameleon”

Malta’s Michela Pace is one artist who has been keeping quiet in the pre-party season, preferring to work on her song in private than hit the promo circuit. But the X Factor Malta winner has finally made an appearance, giving the debut live performance of “Chameleon” in front of an enthusiastic crowd at Café Del Mar Malta. Here’s the performance from another angle. (Robyn)

Luca Hänni and Netta perform at ZDF Fernsehgarten

This year’s Swiss entrant Luca Hänni and Eurovision 2018 winner Netta performed on the German entertainment show ZDF Fernsehgarten, filmed on Gran Canaria. Netta performed her new single “Bassa Sababa”. She brought her keyboard to the stage and clearly had a great time there. In fact, she even started dancing with a lady from the audience! Bassa Sababa, everyone!

Switzerland’s Luca Hänni also performed his entry “She Got Me”. He showed off some of his choreography and the crowd appreciated every bit of it. Together with two dancers, he delivered an energetic performance. Hard dance practice really pays off! (Florian)

Serhat supports the next generation

In a Facebook post, Serhat shares his intention to inspire Istanbul’s youth in music: “I have so much belief in youth. But when youth unites with music, nothing can stop the run! This evening, the annual fizy Highschool Music Contest will take place in Istanbul for the 22nd time in a row. I’ll be there celebrating this music feast with my song “Say Na Na Na”. Come on and sing along with me through livestream, via the fizy app or website” (Katie)

John Lundvik releases remixes for “Too Late For Love”

Sweden’s John Lundvik released four new remixes to celebrate his Eurovision entry “Too Late For Love”. They include remixes from Albin Myers, Thomas Gold, a Pelago remix and a remix from Alexie Divello and Peet Syntax. You can now go ahead and listen to them on the major streaming platforms! (Florian)

Duncan Laurence celebrates ten million streams on Spotify

Things are going the right way for the Netherlands’ Duncan Laurence. Not only is he topping the betting odds, his song “Arcade” has become one of the biggest streaming hits of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. It has now surpassed ten million streams and is on its way to catch Sweden’s “Too Late For Love” as the second most streamed Eurovision 2019 song, behind Mahmood’s huge hit “Soldi”. Congratulations, Duncan! (Florian) 

Kate Miller-Heidke stuns for WHO Magazine

Australia’s Kate Miller-Heidke dropped a stunning photo shoot for the Australian WHO Magazine as part of their “Most Beautiful” edition. The “Zero Gravity” singer can be seen sitting on a chair in a simple yet beautiful white dress. There’s room for speculation whether this could be similar to her final dress in Tel Aviv, but she’ll surely bring something just as gorgeous to the stage! (Florian) 

Victor Crone shares funny selfie with Miki

Estonia’s Victor Crone posted a selfie with Spain’s contestant Miki on his Instagram profile. In this photo, they can be seen doing a #doublechinchallenge. Who does it better? Feels like it’s hard to tell, but do let us know what you think in the comments down below! (Florian)

Chingiz gets the ‘hang’ of a new instrument

Azerbaijan’s Chingiz wastes no time to improve his skills! In his latest Instagram photo, he’s showing his first progress in playing a new instrument called ‘hang’. The hollow steel percussion instrument was invented in 2000 by Swiss creators. Looks like Chingiz is making good progress so far! (Florian) 

Darude to play guest mix at Jackdupradio

Finland’s Darude is a man in demand! And being such a popular act creates constant buzz. This week he is the featured guest artist on the syndicated electronic radio show Jack’d Up Radio, where he’ll be delivering his own DJ set. Make sure to tune in! (Florian) 

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5 years ago

Luca performed playback on the German show.

5 years ago

Also anybody has a video link of the Gozo performance of Chameleon?

5 years ago
Reply to  Kris

There’s a article from wiwibloggs.

5 years ago
Reply to  FanESC

Hi , yeah . I have seen that
But that’s the performance from cafe del Mar in Malta
She was set to perform in Gozo the next day , I was wondering if I could see that performance too

5 years ago

Go Florian….