In only a few days she’ll be in the Expo Tel Aviv arena for her first Eurovision 2019 rehearsal. But before then, Austria’s Paenda took the opportunity last Friday to drop her latest album Evolution II.

Those who thought that Paenda’s Eurovision entry “Limits” was her typical style might want to think again. Flitting between techno, pop, electronic and even elements of dubstep, this new album shows off what the Austrian singer is all about.

Paenda – Evolution II

Following on from her debut album last year, handily titled Evolution I, the follow-up is perhaps less of an evolution, but more of a refinement of the musical styles Paenda began to explore on the first LP.

“I Like The Way You Hate Me” opens things up with a strong percussion beat and synths aplenty. Meanwhile, “Like A Domino” is possibly the most pop-sounding track of the bunch. But, as with much of the album, it still contains a sprinkling of electronic components to it, making it fit in nicely with the rest of the LP.

There is a tendency for an artist’s Eurovision entry to define their musical career, with fans expecting all further releases to fall under the same musical umbrella. However, if Evolution II proves anything, it’s that Paenda is certainly not letting that happen to her.

Indeed, Eurovision entry “Limits” comes right in the middle of the album and is at a real juxtaposition to everything that comes before and after. Soft and smooth, it provides a nice break from the more staccato synth beats dominating many of the other album’s tracks.

It’s clear why Eberhard Forcher, Austria’s musical scout for Eurovision, would have gravitated towards this song when listening through the album for possible Eurovision entries.

We’ll have to wait and see if the juries and televoters feel the song also stands out when hearing “Limits” sandwiched between Sweden’s John Lundvik and Croatia’s Roko during the second semi-final of Eurovision 2019 in two weeks time.

What do you think of Paenda’s new album? Do you think she should have gone to Eurovision with a different track from Evolution II? Let us know in the comments below!

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I don’t really taste and understand dubstep (with some rare exceptions), so for me “Limits” is still the best track from the album, as a combination between touching lyrics and good sounding. But I also liked “Filler” for the mindblowing way its chorus sounds. And “Everything I’m not” for the best lyrics.

P!nk Forever
P!nk Forever

Sadly she has lost it. No song is anywhere near the quality of Paperthin, Iris, Identity or Good Girl. Limits is the highlight that shines on Evolution II. I just couldn‘t get into it at this rate.

Polegend Godgarina
Polegend Godgarina

the cover is so late 90s, i love that aesthetic. i’ll stream it later !

Loin dici
Loin dici

I can actually see where Forcher is going with this. Although ‘Like a Domino’, ‘I Like The Way You Hate Me’ or ‘Stay for The Night’ could also be a contender, ‘Limits’ proves to be a stand out between two supposedly big tracks. If it can resonate well with the juries, and if it can possibly attract televoters with anything possible, we can see things turning good for ORF.