They won the German national selection Unser Lied für Israel in February. And with final preparations going on, Sisters have stopped by in Madrid to perform their Eurovision entry “Sister”.

The two lovely women – that’s Laurita Spinelli and Carlotta Truman – spoke to Wiwibloggs about their pre-party experience, their message and touched upon their singing history.

The pre-party experience and postcard shooting

Laurita and Carlotta are talking about their experience in Madrid and the travel to Tel Aviv for their postcard shoot. Apparently, there’s perfume smell all over the stores there — you gotta look out for that during your Tel Aviv trip!

For the postcard shoot, they’ve done something completely new. It has to do with water and sun. Unfortunately, Laurita got her first ever sunstroke in the form of a triangle. But seems like it’s been lots of fun anyway!

The song and performance

“Sister” is of course written by Laurell Barker (shoutout to our queen of songwriting!). The duo reveals that they’re in good contact with Michael Rice and say that the fact Laurell has written several songs for this year’s contest brings them all even closer together.

They both have blood-related sisters. But that’s not what the song touches upon! Instead, it’s about women helping out each other. It’s about situations when women don’t get the equal treatment that they should’ve been given. If all women on this planet unite, they’d become so much stronger. That we can only agree with!


The staging in Tel Aviv and how to deal with nervousness

With regard to the staging in Tel Aviv, the carousel won’t be there anymore. As both of them are very powerful women, they wanted something to make them stand on the ground. Don’t dare to fall down!

Speaking of preparing before the big moment on stage, Carlotta already has some good experience. She took part in the German version of Got Talent at the age of nine. A few years later, she took part in The Voice Kids in Germany. The experienced helped her prepare for all the things going on related to the Eurovision journey. Laurita won a kids contest in Austria, which made her realize that she was destined to be a singer.



What do you think? Did you enjoy Sisters’ performance in Madrid? Could they do well in Tel Aviv? Let us know in the comments below!


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lets hope the chemistry will be in tel aviv


I like this song as a platform to tell a personal story of two women who have a strong bond. They don’t have to be biological sisters, but they definitely have a history according to the lyrics. I really don’t like they way it’s been marketed. Generally I do agree that deliberate pinning women against each other is a dated, sexist trope and that it needs to stop. But instead of saying that could be taken as a secondary, broader meaning, they really want to make it a primary focus. It takes away some of song’s personality. Also, if you… Read more »


The green sweater is gorgeous, and I like the off shoulder design.

Polegend Godgarina

the moving podium was the best thing bout their whole act