Georgia’s Oto Nemsadze was a big surprise during the second day of rehearsals.

He brought real vocal power with a stunning backdrop of Georgia’s landscapes and major fire effects. There’s strength coming through the screen, but there’s also a strong story behind this.

In an interview with our William right after his first rehearsal, Oto shared his desire to end wars around the globe, but most importantly, he urged the world to eliminate barbed wire and all kinds of artificial barriers between humans, “It’s already the 21st century, it must be the end of wars”, he states.

Oto Nemsadze – interview (Georgia Eurovision 2019)

There’s a strong reason why he’s against all of this: his own life experience. Oto explained his grand mother lives in South Ossetia, one of the breakaway republics of Georgia, and he told William that they cannot see each other.

But if you’re not so much into the patriotic/political side of the story, maybe you prefer the other thing that comes to mind after seeing Oto’s staging. A certain series that’s currently airing its eighth and last season which involves dragons, slaughter, castles and fires.

That is Game of Thrones, of course. And in the Tbilisi version there’s Oto Snow, as he said. But oh boy, rather than nothing, this Snow knows everything when it comes to vocal abilities and harmonies – no wonder why he won Georgian Idol twice!

A big part of the power of “Keep on going” comes from the five-men choir supporting Oto. He explained that they know each other because of Georgia’s relatively small size.

Among them you may recognise Mikheil Javakhishvili, one of the members of Ethno Jazz Band Iriao, who represented Georgia in Lisbon last year.

Georgia Eurovision 2019 first rehearsal review

Also, speaking a little bit about other things… have you noticed Oto doesn’t blink? How does he prepare for such intense singing? Take a look at the interview to learn more about Georgia’s Eurovision 2019 star.

Has Georgia’s staging impressed you? Do you think his chances of making the final have grown after his rehearsal? Can you see Georgia in the final? Tell us in the comment section below!


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Purple Mask
Purple Mask
5 years ago

I like Oto and this song more and more each day. Very sad about his mother.

keith mawson
keith mawson
5 years ago
Reply to  Purple Mask

How awful that he can’t see his mother. Poor Oto.

5 years ago

Horrible! His entry is simply awful….