Representing Australia this year at Eurovision, Kate Miller-Heidke has completed her first rehearsal to so much praise by fans.

Following on from her rehearsal, Kate caught up with our William to talk more about her song and performance.

William asked about her vision with the performance especially after the performance that took place after Australia Decides.

Kate gave her thoughts about it saying, “I think the staging at Australia Decides have some really great things about it that we wanted to keep, but there was too much going on. It was hectic – I was on top of a really big dress and there was scope for improvement. With the bendy pole, the idea of me getting on one too was suggested by Strange Fruit. I was completely sceptical by it, until I got to the warehouse and yes, it was terrifying, but I got up there and it felt right. It felt like flying – that weightless and ‘floaty’ thing that the song needed. It has the right amount of movement and stillness for me.”

Furthermore, Kate was asked about standing on that pole – something that she didn’t do at her performance at Australia Decides. Kate explained that she was nervous at the start being on that pole, but is more confident now. “My pole is tailored to me personally – it is for my exact shape and weight. I am the only person that can use the pole.”

“When I was standing up there with those beautiful dancers behind me, it just felt right – like it belonged in that space, just felt really natural about it.”

Kate Miller-Heidke (Australia) Interview at Eurovision 2019

Previously, it has been highly discussed what the meaning of the song is for Kate and together with this updated staging. She explains. “The metaphor there is the feeling of weightlessness and it’s that feeling when you come out of depression. That feeling of empowerment because depression does feel like I have a weight and that I lose energy. I feel like I am moving through a heavy fog but when that fog starts to clear, I feel like I could lift off and that to me is the significance of “Zero Gravity””.

Kate was asked about the significance of her crown that is part of her costume. “Honestly, I wore that crown because it looked good with my outfit. After Australia Decides, people started to make their own using cable-ties from the two dollar shop. We couldn’t get rid of it – it was too late so we still got the crown. Instead people are using kebab skewers”.

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correct me if i’m wrong, but didn’t she also recently recover from a foot/leg injury?

Doing this after something like that is just…wow

Also it looks so scary! Many other people singing from that high up would probably have their voices waver a lot.

Even if you don’t like the song, it’s hard to ignore the talent. This is probably way harder than it looks.


She shows a lot of commitment. Not just very talented, but also a pro, gotta love it.

Polegend Godgarina

she’s so multi-talented i-


Love her dedication, she really deserves to do well. Glad she’s finally getting some recognition!