Our Daily Digest readers may remember Kate Miller-Heidke’s strangely fabulous purple wheelchair that matched her jumper from an Instagram post about injuring her foot during Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam. If not, let us jog your memory:

Kate Miller-Heidke is returning to Australia after her successful appearance at Eurovision in Concert. But as she shared on Instagram, she’s done herself an injury. Kate revealed that she is suffering from a painful foot infection, caused by a blister “from too much dancing in pinchy heels down cobblestone streets”. This is a very Eurovision sort of injury. We wish Kate a speedy recovery!

Now that she’s made it to Tel Aviv and slayed her first rehearsal, Kate felt the time was right to share more about the terrifying foot infection and ill-timed hospital visit. Now that there’s nothing holding her down, Kate can be reflective about her time spent in a hospital bed, when she was unable to walk and was binge-watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

In a Twitter thread, she tells of how learning to “press pause” and accepting that she simply couldn’t be in control all the time was what helped her recover from the injury without panicking about her upcoming Eurovision performance. She may be restricted to flats, but if anyone can make orthopaedic shoes look fabulous, it’s Kate!

She’s maintaining this mantra in Tel Aviv so that she doesn’t let YouTube comments or the madness of rehearsals affect her sense of calm or her sleeping pattern. Eurovision artists and press, take notes!

Kate Miller-Heidke will have her second rehearsal in Tel Aviv later today.

What do you think? Is Kate’s near-death experience and new-found inner peace something she could write a song about? How will “Zero Gravity” fare at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments.

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5 years ago

Love Kate she’s got the perfect mix of intelligence, wit and charisma

5 years ago

Kate deserves a qualification for more reasons than one :
1) She is a clairvoyant . She predicted that she would hurt her foot cause of ‘Stone in her shoe’ and was wailing in pain ‘aaaaaah , aaaah , aaaaaah’ even in January when the incident happened in April.

2)She is a great vocalist and has got a different song with a cool staging .