Katerine Duska of Greece had her second rehearsal at Eurovision 2019 this morning. The Greek goddess slayed on stage, taking us to her pink underworld. But as she tells us, the song is for more than just women and transcends gender. She caught up with our Deban following her rehearsal to dissect her Eurovision experience so far.

Katerine Duska interview at Eurovision 2019

Deban and Katerine reflect fondly on their memories in Madrid. Deban and Katerine have had many chats in the last few months but this is Deban’s first interview with Katerine. They tried to have a 3am interview in Madrid but were kicked out of a restaurant!

Katerine tells us that the song is not about gender. “These are my girlfriends on stage with me, it felt very organic, very natural but love has nothing to do with gender — it’s a very pro-human song.” There are a number of men involved in the team, which Katerine uses to illustrate that the song is not just for women.

The reception has been positive when it comes to staging. Katerine is pleased with the feedback and is satisfied with the result of their efforts. She feels the message is universal and the staging captures this.

Katerine draws inspiration from every era but she has an affinity for the ’60s and ’70s. She tells us some of her musical inspirations, from Ella Fitzgerald to Ray Charles. More recently, she loves artists such as Lorde, Kimbra and James Blake.

Katerine Duska thanked her fans on wiwibloggs for their support and is sending all her better love to our readers.

What do you think of Katerine Duska’s “Better Love”? Is Greece returning to the grand final and how high will they soar? Let us know in the comments below.

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Love this song!
I’ve just discovered it was co-written by David Sneddon. WHOOOOOOO? He competed and won BBC’s Fame academy in 2002.
My darling Wiwi’s, keep an eye out for him at the EV mothership,

La Signora
La Signora

She’s very right. Smart and talented


Love is forever.Love is forever and everyone…