She was up “early in the morning, early in the morning” and opened the round of second rehearsals on Thursday with a powerful performance. Tamta from Cyprus delivered an iconic look and she surely knows how to kick off a party. After her rehearsal, she sat down with our Deban and had a chat with him.

Tamta interview at Eurovision 2019

Tamta set the rumour straight about her allegedly bringing eleven suitcases to Tel Aviv. In fact, she brought just eight with her to have a fitting look for all occasions, including a lot of shoes. Talking about fashion, she showed interest in creating a men’s collection some day in the future.

Tamta is grateful for the support coming from all around the world towards her about her rehearsal. She enjoys the nights in Tel Aviv and tries to have as much fun as possible. “Pose and party, pose and party, that’s why we’re here to enjoy and have fun.” It wasn’t easy for her to take the stage at 8:30 in the morning, but she saw it as a challenge. “God wants me to prove that I’m strong once again and I’m here to prove it.”

The family support for Tamta will be strong, as her mother and daughter join her in Tel Aviv for the semifinal. Additionally, friends from Greece, Cyprus and Georgia will be travelling to Tel Aviv as well.

Tamta second rehearsal reaction

Tamta revealed that she couldn’t walk while shooting her music video due to her back injury. “If you see the music video, I never walk.”  The shot in her music video on the catwalk doesn’t focus on her legs because it wasn’t actually Tamta walking.  This struggle led to some funny moments on set, which she might release in the future as a video. Looking back she can laugh about it, regardless of the serious pain she suffered.

Her injury luckily had no influence on her staging but she was worried she might have to cancel her Eurovision participation at one point. “For three weeks, I was off. I could only sleep for 20 minutes a day.” She is thankful to all the doctors and people who were involved in her recovery. And we are thrilled to have her healthy in Tel Aviv!

Despite all these painful weeks, Tamta maintains a positive attitude by looking to the future and enjoying every moment. According to her, the second rehearsal did not go as well as the first one because of a few issues. But Tamta is not worried and is optimistic as the first semi-final approaches.

Eurovision is not the only thing on her mind. As one of our performers for the Wiwi Jam, we cannot wait to see what she will bring on stage on May 15.

Her final message for our readers: “I want you all to enjoy it with me. Let’s have fun and let’s do this!”

What do you think about Tamta’s second rehearsal? Did she impress you? Are you hitting replay? Tell us in the comments below.

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