He’s the gentleman from Turkey who is singing for San Marino for a second time. Serhat is performing “Say Na Na Na” and will close the first semi-final on Tuesday May 14. We had a chance to catch up with Serhat after his second rehearsal for a quick chat. Check out our Serhat interview below.

Serhat interview at Eurovision 2019

Serhat is feeling wonderful and enjoying his second Eurovision experience. He loves the atmosphere and the people all around him. They make his journey all the more magical.

Serhat feels his performance has improved and everything is gradually getting better. It’s all coming together ahead of his performance in the first semi-final on Tuesday.

We also discussed Serhat’s staging. One portion of his performance features megaphones on the background which was Serhat’s idea. Serhat chose to wear white because it reflects all the colours of the rainbow which appear throughout his colourful performance. He might appear devoid of colour but when the lights flash, this man shines!

Serhat says that he is lucky to have such a delightful team which is so supportive. He says that the team supports him and loves him and those are key ingredients for his recipe of success.

There is also some Turkish in the performance as Serhat counts to three in his native tongue. This is an international flavour, y’all! Our Deban Aderemi would prefer a Turkish husband instead.

Serhat is certainly bringing the party to Eurovision 2019. “Say Na Na Na” is bound to get people on their feet and close the first semi-final with a bang.

What do you think of Serhat and “Say Na Na Na”? Can San Marino make it to the Eurovision grand final for just the second time in its history? Let us know in the comments below.

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His face is singing
His face is singing

This player looks like Jason Silva. Does he?

Fun or ban?
Fun or ban?

Mr Serhat, you should take some canto lessons. How can u expect a lot when you give us so little?


I like Serhat A LOT but they HAVE to IMPROVE the VOCALS. I wish his vocal were stronger, more confident. And the backing vocals, though much better than during the first rehearsal round, need more work they sound amateurish.