Eurovision 2019 remixes

With the live shows looming, more and more countries are getting in the party mood. From Austria to Lithuania, Russia to Italy, and Australia to San Marino, here are some of the latest Eurovision 2019 remixes.

Paenda “Limits” (Darude remix)

It’s almost expected that any DJ that goes to Eurovision will work their magic on their fellow acts. In 2017 JOWST did it for Manel Navarro and Martina Barta and last year Gromee did it for Netta. And true to tradition, Darude has put his own spin on PAENDA’s entry for Austria — “Limits”.

The Finnish disc jockey says: “What PAENDA and I do is quite different, but that didn’t matter much to me. I’ve always thought of music not in terms of genres and styles – I like music when its emotional and energetic. Something in PAENDA’s vocal delivery and also in the background vibes, there was something that was talking to me. That’s why I decided to go for the remix.”

The blue-haired songstress adds: “[Darude] approached me and told me, that he liked my song and that he wanted to do a remix of it. And I was like, did he really say that or am I dreaming. I feel honoured, that he was inspired by my song and I think it’s a cool remix.”

Listen to the Limix remix

Kate Miller-Heidke “Zero Gravity” (7th Heaven Remix)

Is it even Eurovision without a 7th Heaven remix? Thankfully that’s not a question we need to ponder this year, as the team behind barnstorming mixes for the likes of Dami Im and Lucie Jones lay their hands on Australia’s “Zero Gravity”. The beat is turned up to the max as Kate Miller-Heidke’s angelic vocals take us to dance heaven. Surely the next step is a megamix with the “La Forza” dance mix from 2018.

Listen to the Where It’s ATT remix

Victor Crone “Storm” (Madison Mars Remix)

“Storm” has long been compared to “Wake Me Up” era Avicii, so it’s high time that Estonia’s 2019 entry got remixed for the dance floor. The Madison Mars mix is a whirlwind of synths and beats upon which Victor Crone’s vocals soar, albeit with an occasional touch of electronic trickery. It’s gone from gentle toe-tapping country pop to a dance floor stomper.

Listen to the Skip Stones remix

Serhat “Say Na Na Na” (Wideboys remix)

Last time around, he famously ditched his original entry for a remix. So it’s little surprise that San Marino’s Serhat has created a multitude of mixes for his Eurovision comeback. Of course, this time the Turkish crooner is sticking with the first version of “Say Na Na Na”. But should Euroclubbers wish to mix things up, the Wideboys remix is proving the most popular.

Listen to the Rico Bernasconi, Kon Cept, and Mark Voss remixes

Srbuk “Walking Out” (Going Deeper remix)

Bigger vocals? Check. Ethnic flourishes? Check. Bombastic beats? Check. The Going Deeper reworking of Srbuk’s “Walking Out” has everything you would expect of a club banger from the Caucasus. Safe to say few will be walking off the dance floor when this comes on.

John Lundvik “Too Late For Love” (Albin Myers remix)

You can now party into the early hours with “Too Late For Love”. The Swedish entry has been remixed several times over, but the Albin Myers take is perhaps the best. This version makes ample use of the backing vocalists, wherein much of the original’s charm lies.

Listen to the Thomas Gold, Pelago, and Alexie Divello & Peet Syntax remixes

Jurij Veklenko “Run With The Lions” (Leon Somov remix)

Concerned that “Run With The Lions” lacks bite? Well, the Leon Somov remix could be what you’re after. It injects Jurij Veklenko’s Lithuanian Eurovision number with a strong dose of drama and energy — just what the dance doctors ordered!

Sergey Lazarev “Scream” (Lightsaber remix)

He’s known for feel-good dance tracks that make the masses move. And now Russia’s Eurovision 2019 star Sergey Lazarev is at it again — this time with the Lightsaber remix of his dramatic ballad “Scream”. The remix was produced by Arcade. They’ve previously worked with several Greek singers including Sakis Rouvas, Helena Paparizou, Tamta, Eleni Foureira and Demy. Writing on Instagram, Arcade said: “In music a great melody can be approached from many different angles… This was our challenge…we hope you like how we turned an amazing ballad into a powerful club song!”

The original version of the song has major theatrical flair and doesn’t seem like an obvious club banger. But in so many ways the dance floor is a place of exploration, where people can embrace all manner of emotions. Surely that includes the journey from fear to freedom present in Sergey’s song.

Listen to the Deekey & Stellix and Sec0ndSkin remixes

KEiiNO “Spirit In The Sky” (Extended Club mix)

Compared to the rest, this isn’t so much a remix as just giving us more of a good thing. And who are we to complain? If Tom Hugo’s 58-minutes long Spotify playlist of “Spirit In The Sky” on a loop is a bit much, this 3.45 minutes version may be just right.

Tamara Todevska “Proud” (Robert Bilbilov) remix

Remixes don’t necessarily have to be all go. The Robert Bilbilov version of Tamara Todevska’s “Proud” delivers mostly chilled out vibes, although the ante does rise towards the end. If that’s too slow for your taste, the Gramophonedzie mix provides more of a kick.

Listen to the Gramophonedzie remix.

Kobi Marimi “Home” (dj PM, Tomer Maizner& TOMER G remix)

In the world of Eurovision, even the tamest of entries can become bangers. As is the case with Kobi Marimi’s “Home”. The Israeli entry has been remixed for the Euroclub dance floor courtesy of dj PM, Tomer Maizner and Tomer G. They have plenty of remix experience between them. The first two reworked Imri Ziv’s “I Feel Alive” while Tomer G is the one responsible for the iconic “Te Deum” remix.

Mahmood “Soldi” (Benny Benassi remix)

When it comes to this year’s remixes, Italy arguably scored the biggest name — Benny Benassi. He’s a Grammy-winning DJ, best known for his Europe-wide 2002 hit “Satisfaction”. On “Soldi” he adds a pulsating beat which runs throughout the track. Mahmood’s vocals are left relatively untouched.

Listen to the Vigiland and Denis First remixes

Most of the remixes are available to stream. And, especially for your listening pleasure, we’ve created a playlist arranged in order of increasing BPM.

Which remix is your favourite? What other Eurovision 2019 entries would you like to see remixed? Let us know in the comments.

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The darure remix works really well


Oh, that JOWST remix of Martina Barta is so amazing. Had she entered with that version, no doubt she would’ve made the final!


Sorry, but all of these are awful…


Which is the country that wanted the LED from Nashville?

Nobody But You
Nobody But You


Lala Khan
Lala Khan

I wish we could get our hands on the remix stems as well…. I wanna remix something too


The Proud remix is absolutely amazing

Purple Mask
Purple Mask

Wow! Congrats to everyone who worked on these. It might be the best year for remixes so far. Of course, I love the 7th Heaven remix of “Zero Gravity”. 🙂


Those remixes are so good, that in my opinion they deserve their own OGAE contest – Eurovision Remix Contest, how cool that would be? By the way another interesting remixes I found were Fair Play’s “Pali sie” with some disco polo influences and Kriss Tap’s “That Night”, that is surprisingly catchy.
Anyway, my ranking of remixes: 1. ISR 2. AUT 3. ITA 4. ARM 5. SWE 6. LIT 7. AUS 8. RUS 9. NMC 10. EST 11. SMR 12. NOR