The Eurovision 2019 rehearsals have been rife with technical issues. And over the weekend several countries were granted additional rehearsal time. Among that number was Estonia.

In the Baltic nation’s case, the problem involved the storm overlay effect. The scene which proved so effective at Eesti Laul just wouldn’t work in Tel Aviv.

On Sunday’s orange carpet, our William asked Victor Crone if everything was sorted. The “Storm” crooner answered in the affirmative.

“It’s a huge relief for me. Last morning we had an extra rehearsal actually. So I’m feeling a lot better now. I was a bit tense because as you know, we had a lot of difficulties with the technical part. But now I’m feeling good. Now it’s just enjoying myself and whatever happens now, I can’t do much more”.

So does that mean we’ll have a storm on stage? “Oh yeah, for sure”.

This is what we said after the second rehearsal, before the kinks had been ironed out.

“Estonia’s first rehearsal was beset with technical problems and the second was no different. We got halfway to the AR effect in the first run, until we were able to see seats through the graphic. In successive runs, Victor was also out of sync with the vocal of the pre-recorded effect, which only compounds problems Estonia is facing.

Victor remains a charismatic leading man, with a radio-ready song in “Storm”, but the stage performance is beset with problems. Pressure has been heaped on here in light of technically assured performances from Australia and Iceland. In essence Victor sounds fantastic, has a great song and in principle a great performance. But Estonia has yet to nail the AR effect, which needs ironing out by jury show time”.

Despite the production hiccups, the one time Melodifestivalen star effortlessly worked the red carpet. When asked if this is his every day look, the dapper Swede jokes: “Yeah, yeah. All day every day. Like no sweat at all. This is me.”

Are you worried for Victor’s live performance? Can Estonia make the final? Let us know in the comments below.

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Brexit Queen Young and Sweet Only 17
Brexit Queen Young and Sweet Only 17
3 years ago

he is so doable

3 years ago

Good luck, Victor! I am rooting for you tonight! 🙂