She’s Australia’s pop princess. And ever since performing “We Got Love” at Eurovision 2018, fans have patiently been waiting for new music from Jessica Mauboy. Today, the Australian singer released her latest single “Little Things”, the second song from her newly announced upcoming album Hilda.

Although “We Got Love” failed to reach the heights of the Eurovision scoreboard in Lisbon, Mauboy has kept on working. And from the sound of her new single “Little Things” the work definitely seems to have paid off.

Mauboy notes on Instagram that this new song holds a special place in her heart. Indeed, the moving ballad is a pure and emotional track.

Lyrically, the song discusses how the Australian singer is trying to keep a relationship alive, but her partner continually fails to reciprocate this effort, singing: “I make big things out of little things, and I watch you keep missing them”.

Jessica Mauboy – “Little Things”

In addition to dropping this new track, Mauboy has also announced the release of her new album Hilda.

The record is set for an October 18th release and features 14 new tracks, including “Little Things” and previous single “Sunday”.

This will be the Eurovision alum’s fourth studio album. But, it’s her first solo album in six years.

With such a large gap since her last LP, Mauboy took to Instagram to explain why it took her so long to release another full record of new solo songs:

I truly needed [the time], and wanted to create a whole album of stories and things to share with you…and to be truly honest I think I was scared in coming back and sharing such deepness of my life and because of the music moving so fast and people may have forgotten or lost interest in me...but the music kept calling me and yeah I don’t know…I just went with it and kept writing until I felt I was ready!

Although we might have been waiting for six years, Jessica Mauboy still gifted us with music in the mean time. In addition to her Eurovision 2018 single “We Got Love”, the star released two top-selling soundtrack albums containing the songs from the TV series The Secret Daughter, which Mauboy starred in.

But, no doubt fans will now be looking forward to this latest offering of songs from the singer, which is available for pre-order now. Mauboy has described it as her “most personal work to date”, and we can’t wait to finally take a listen.

Are you loving Jessica Mauboy’s new single? And what direction do you expect the new album to go in? Sound off in the comments section down below!

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5 years ago

I AM SO EXCITED. I love Jess, she is so talented and I’m so happy that she’s back!

Loin dici
Loin dici
5 years ago

That’s a smart way to name a self-titled album.

5 years ago

Lady Gaga named her fourth album Joanne after an aunt, but also after her middle name. Looks like Jessica will be doing the same- hopefully like Joanne did for Lady Gaga it marks a renaissance for her career. If she continues to do well (and in Europe) it will show successful artists that Eurovision can still get you new fans for your music and your career won’t be destroyed even if your result is mediocre.

4 years ago
Reply to  Azaad

She slays dot com