We recently heard from Mata’s Eurovision 2017 star Claudia Faniello when she led an all-star group to deliver Malta’s Pride 2019 anthem “Roll the Dice”. Now the beloved diva has a song of her own with “Fallin'”, her first solo single since her 2017 Eurovision entry.

Claudia’s discography has been fairly silent since her performance at ESC. But now she’s back with her new single, which combines a country attitude with modern EDM production.

The song release couldn’t come soon enough for Claudia’s fans, who heaped on praise via social media.

During ESC 2017, the Maltese songstress was praised for her ballad vocal abilities on “Breathlessly”, but in her new single, the BPM kicks up a notch. Claudia Faniello’s vocals show the real emotion she feels when singing, but also gives power to the dance floor beats.

But rather than sounding like a generic EDM summer hit, the song isn’t afraid to mix things up a little. Claudia is a country girl at heart and “Fallin'” throws in some country vibes — including a little banjo. The result is an organic, earthy feel amid the electronic production.

The song is about the madness of falling in love, with Claudia feeling unable to resist. She wonders, “Who will save us as we tumble down?”

Claudia Faniello – “Fallin'” (music video)

A beautiful music video accompanies the track. It shows Claudia in various scenes around Malta. Throughout the clip, she takes a stroll by the shore, has a pillow fight with herself and frolics in the daisies.

The visuals show that this song is danceable and fun by showing the Maltese singer enjoying herself. It’s a lighthearted excursion around Malta that translates the spirit of the song.

The video was made in collaboration with students from the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, whom Claudia described as “dedicated and talented”.

What do you think of Claudia Faniello’s new track? Is it your bop for the summer? And would you like to see her come back to the Eurovision stage? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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