She’s the Finnish queen who said “I do!” in 2013 with her iconic performance of “Marry Me”. That walk of shame wasn’t the last time she strutted into our lives, performing at Melodifestivalen twice in 2016 and 2017. Now, Krista Siegfrids has fuelled the fire by dropping new music, with the heartfelt song “Let It Burn”.

“Let It Burn” — Krista Siegfrids

The song sets the tone with the confronting opening line, “Leave me out with the trash, I’m no good for you”. Krista sings about a break up and going their separate ways to both be able to heal. The story is deep and personal, echoed through the melancholy melody.

Lyrically, the song is meticulous yet raw. Krista reveals that they “don’t share the same dreams” anymore and asks for her lover to “let me go” and “let it be”. It’s not all negative emotions — she knows that “you love me at my worst, you’re proud of my best, I would do it all again, I have no regrets”. It hurts but our queen is thankful for the memories.

As the song moves into the final chorus, the beat intensifies, creating a grand aura. The calamity brews and seems to grow in magnitude, swallowing up everything around it, painting a stark contrast to the delivery of the last line of the song. Krista says “let it burn” one last time, with her voice elevated by her emotional release. The result is a beautiful conclusion as Krista finally turns to the next chapter of her life.

Speaking to wiwibloggs, Krista had the following to say about “Let It Burn”:

“It’s scary to release such a personal song. But I really wanted to share my side of the story through music. It felt right. I can tell you that it wasn’t easy to record this song… so many feelings, both good and bad. But I feel gratitude — everything happens for a reason, I have no regrets.

“”Let It Burn” is a sad song but at the same time you can hear a lot of hope and gratitude in it. Making this song was the ultimate therapy session for me. Now it’s released and the song can live its own life. I hope that it can give people comfort and strength. A break up is never easy but good things will always come out of it and a break up also means a new start.

“Just let it burn so we can heal again. I’m ready to move on now. Grateful for the music, my endless and deepest love affair.”

What do you think of “Let It Burn”? Do you want more music from Krista Siegfrids? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 years ago

I like personal stories behind the songs. Krista’s voice shines through in slower songs. She gives me goosebumps. I can hear that she’s been through this. This song is emotional and somehow empowering. Sometimes you need to let go. Thank you, Krista<3