Earlier this month, she released the surprise single “Better“. And the team effort from Lena and Nico Santos has already become a hit in Germany. And now, there’s a visual to the song as the music video premiered a few days ago.

Following the release of the track, it reached the top two of the German iTunes charts as well as the top ten on Apple Music. With the success on digital and streaming platforms, the song ultimately entered the German single charts at number 29.

Lena hooked up with German singer-songwriter Nico Santos on this song. The two show great chemistry together which could also be seen during the first live performance at a concert in front of 11.000 people in Hamburg.

“Better” is also becoming a hit on German airwaves as it’s already been added to multiple of the biggest German radio stations. With all the support for the song so far the music video comes just at the right time.

Lena & Nico Santos — “Better” (Official Video)

The clips starts off with the two singers in a farmland setting where they can also be seen driving a car. Several shots also show them in red and white outfits. The switch in the second verse brings new visual elements along, which nicely complement to the overall appearance of the music video.

The car crash seems to symbolize the end of a relationship. But instead of being all sad and devastated about it, the two singers shout it all out in the final chorus. The constant change of scenes underlines the tension that must’ve led to the downfall of the relationship.

Moreover, the approach behind the video is to showcase emotions from both partners that are going through a breakup. And they really do a great job by making it very clear what they’re going through. The visuals come into real effect combined with the lyrical content of the song. Thus, the video is a well-fitting addition to the collaboration by two of Germany’s most striving singer-songwriters.

What do you think about the music video for “Better”? Do you like the approach behind the visual approach? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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3 years ago

watched it really i loved it

Cesar's salad
Cesar's salad
3 years ago

So poor the crops 🙁

At least they lived to enjoy Nico Santos’ beautiful sexy voice, but also Lena’s paperthin voice.

3 years ago

I wonder how much it costs to be allowed to do that to the crops. Or it was computer generated?