Hear me! It’s time to bust out your favourite black tee and join John Lundvik and his Mamas on their tour of Scandinavia and Finland.

You heard that right. John — no stranger to performing throughout the Nordic region — is on the move once more. But this time he’s bringing his Mamas with him.

From the 1st of October, Sweden’s Eurovision 2019 singers will take their magical blend of voices and harmonies to the Swedish cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and John’s hometown of Växjö. They’ll also spread the love in two Nordic capitals: Copenhagen and Helsinki.

Note: The concert in Oslo, which is listed in the Insta post below, has been cancelled. Thank you to wiwireader Øyvind for the update!

The Mamas, you’ll no doubt remember, are the backing vocalists who gave John’s Melodifestivalen and Eurovision entry “Too Late for Love” its gospel spice. During the performance the four women emerged from the darkness to deliver the light, taking us somewhere higher.

Speaking to wiwibloggs at the London Eurovision Party, John revealed that finding The Mamas wasn’t easy.

“I don’t know what the hardest part was, but I’m so happy that we found them,” he said. “Because finding a great singer is kind of easy to do in Sweden, but finding a personality is a whole other thing.”

The Mamas come from all over, including Sweden, the United States and Eritrea: “I mean, The Mamas are such a huge part of the performance and the energy. It’s so fun being there on stage with them.”

The “Too Late for Love” showman has been a very busy bee since leaving Tel Aviv, already smashing dozens of tour dates. He’s performed in every corner of Sweden including shows at the famous Dalhalla arena, the Rock Off Festival and the RixFM festival.

John was also chosen to be the iconic voice of Simba in the Swedish version of The Lion King. Not only that, he has recently finished filming his new music video in Thailand. All that buzz!

Are you looking forward to seeing John with his Mamas? What city do you want them to visit next? Tell us in the comments section below.

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4 years ago

I love how The Mamas are included and credited and seen as a vital part of the performance. It’s not just John Lundvk and four anonymous backup singers like it usually us. Wonderful!

4 years ago

Gospel Mama Realness <3