Only a small number of people can claim to be a Eurovision champion. While we may have their Eurovision entries on repeat throughout the year, many are still gifting us with new music for our playlists as well.

And that’s exactly what Céline Dion, Dima Bilan, Jamala, Nigar Jamal and Alexander Rybak have done. Here’s a roundup of some of the new songs by these Eurovision champions that you might have missed over recent months, but should definitely still check out.

Céline Dion – “Flying On My Own” and “Courage”

One of the most successful artists to have ever graced the Eurovision stage, Céline Dion is still going strong. “Flying On My Own” is the lead single from her upcoming twenty-seventh studio album Courage, which is set for release in November. The Eurovision 1988 champion premiered the track during her Las Vegas residency earlier in the year. While many may know Céline for her emotional power ballads, this track is a lot more upbeat and centres around a synth-driven dance beat.

Most recently, the “Ne partez pas sans moi” singer has released the title track of the album, “Courage”. A slower ballad, the track showcases Céline’s vocals and  shows just why she’s still an icon to many. Lyrically, the song see’s the star hoping that courage will help her through life following the death of her husband and brother in 2016: “Cause it’s not easy / When you’re not with me / This world of madness / Goes faster now / And it’s a train wreck / But I won’t crash yet / Long as your echo / Never fades out / Courage don’t you dare fail me now”.

If you still want more from star, then you’ll be glad to know that Céline has also dropped the audio for two other songs from the upcoming album: “Lying Down” and “Imperfections”.

Dima Bilan – “Океан” and “Про белые розы”

Although his Eurovision winning entry may not be one of the most beloved by fans, there’s no denying that Dima Bilan’s career has only continued to grow in the eleven years since his victory. The Russian signer started off the year by releasing “Океан” (“Ocean”). A simple but powerful pop-ballad, the Eurovision 2008 winner’s emotions come across here whether you understand Russian or not, helping to lift it above some of his previous ballads.

The music video sees the star in a number of stunning natural landscapes while he sings to his lover: “You are my ocean, my unbearable / I love you so much I … / You are my ocean, my cosmos / My universe, extraordinary …”.

Perhaps one of the things that has helped Dima to stay relevant over recent years is his ability to switch musical style with every new release. The “Believe” singer doesn’t always take himself so seriously and is able to have some fun in between all the ballads.

This is seen in his latest release “Про белые розы” (“About White Roses”), which has an 80’s throwback feel to it. Sporting a mullet hairstyle for the music video, Dima appears to haunt the mind of a woman, who see’s him popping up in the salon, supermarket and even the shower.

Jamala – “Крок” (with Cape Cod) and 10

Earlier in the year she went “Solo”. But now, Jamala has teamed up with Ukrainian producer Cape Cod for the song “Крок” (“Step”). An electronic composition, it builds to a particularly catchy beat in the chorus that’s sure to get your feet tapping along.

Lyrically, the Eurovision 2016 champion sings about moving further than one step at a time: “To go further than in a step / I fall in love with you every day / Like the moon in the stars”.

Unfortunately, this latest release didn’t make it onto the “1944” singer’s new greatest hits album 10. This new LP celebrates Jamala’s ten years in the music industry, and features 22 of the most important songs for her from this past decade.

If you haven’t had the chance to delve into Jamala’s back catalogue yet, then this may be the perfect way to start.

Nigar Jamal – “Get Heyatimdan” and “Я в твоем плену”

Her duet partner Eldar may be “Rising up”, but fellow Eurovision 2011 winner Nigar Jamal (aka Nikki) isn’t falling down by any means. The Azerbaijani singer released “Get Heyatimdan” (“Get away from me”) earlier this year. An emotional ballad, the track features a traditional flute during the instrumental sections.

With a music video shot partly in black and white, the song sees Nigar contemplating about a relationship that didn’t work out: “I didn’t understand why the questions remained unanswered / I do not know when it came to silence / Who wins in this game / In our empty world, which has no meaning”.

The “Running Scared” singer turned the beat up for her most recent release. “Я в твоем плену” (“I’m in your captivity”) see’s Nigar switching to the Russian language as she sings about a new person she’s now fallen for. Thankfully, the traditional instrumentation is very much still prevalent in this latest song, particularly in the post-chorus.

The accompanying music video is a lot more colourful, with Nigar werking a number of brightly coloured outfits. This includes being covered from head to toe in fluorescent paint.

Alexander Rybak – “I’m Still Here”

Originally released a week before the Eurovision 2019 final, Alexander Rybak’s latest offering “I’m Still Here” got a bit lost while our attention was focused on what was taking place in Tel Aviv. Nevertheless, the new track is worth mentioning if only for its previous Eurovision (or at least national final) connections. “I’m Still Here” is in fact a cover of Franklin Calleja’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 entry “Still Here”.

While Franklin’s version was piano-driven, Alexander naturally adds in a prominent violin line for his cover. The music video sees the Eurovision 2009 winner singing while a series of video projections play on the wall behind him. Focused on Alexander’s loved one, the videos also show the two of them enjoying life together. The “Fairytale” singer discusses his love for this special person in the song’s lyrics: “But I’m still here / I told you, I ain’t going nowhere / I’m still in love with you / ’cause nobody sees me the way you do”.

What do you think of these latest songs from Eurovision champions? Which ones are you playing on repeat? Let us know in the comments sections below.

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4 years ago

There’s also been new music within the timeframe above by Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy and Dami Im.

Mr. Vanilla Bean
Mr. Vanilla Bean
4 years ago

I wish Sia had sung it to be honest. Would have been so epic.

4 years ago

I guess a song that came out 4 months ago is ‘new’ . . . .

mariah carey
mariah carey
4 years ago

Celine’s new songs are awesome. I can’t stop listening.

4 years ago

Nikki’s song is beautiful. I liked it