One is Malta’s most successful artist and a two-time Eurovision entrant. The other took the country back to the Eurovision grand final with “Chameleon” earlier this year. And now, Ira Losco and Michela have teamed up for a duet on the song “Cannonball”.

The track was originally recorded by Ira as a solo version for her latest double-album No Sinner No Saint. But, with the release of this new version, the “Walk on Water” hit maker has brought in X Factor Malta winner Michela to add in some extra vocal power.

“Cannonball” is an inspirational anthem filled with empowering lines. The track kicks off with a guitar intro before Ira Losco sings the first verse. The Maltese star sings about a relationship that’s going up and down by the day. From meeting on Monday to a breakup on Wednesday, there’s all the feels in this one.

Michela takes over for the second verse. She describes the feeling of being lovesick and no longer being able to handle the circumstances. Ultimately, she needs that person “out of [her] veins”.

In the chorus, both Eurovision alumni drop some impressive vocal lines. The two of them are breaking free of the relationships they’re not capable of handling anymore. Singing “I’ll choke it up before I start to breathe”, Michela underlines the importance of letting go.

The bridge sees a nice twist to the instrumentation. The two stars each sing a line at a time, which helps create drive and energy leading into the final chorus.

Ira Losco feat. Michela — “Cannonball”

The music video, directed by Steven Levi Vella, showcases the beautiful scenery of the Maltese island. From walking in the stunning nature to a ride on a pickup truck, Ira and Michela’s power comes through in every shot.

The two singers wear contrasting outfits, but ones that fit their individual style very well. Give Ira a simple black top, a rose dress with some sparkling accessories or a denim look – she can wear it all! Meanwhile, Michela rocks denim pants, a black top and a fringe-tastic jacket that help her create a cozy look.

At the end of the video, Ira and Michela are seen rocking out on stage and spending time in the outdoors together, showing that they’re true friends.

This new music video comes within a very packed calendar for Ira Losco. In addition to performances and events, she’s been recording the second season of X Factor Malta, where she’ll be returning as a coach.

On the other hand, Michela is still at the start of her music career. But, with “Chameleon” becoming a viral hit in various countries following her Eurovision appearance, and now teaming up with Ira on “Cannonball”, it seems there’s plenty of great music still to come from her.

What do you think about the duet version of “Cannonball”? Have you enjoyed Ira Losco and Michela’s collaboration on this track? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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2 years ago

Awesome! Much better than Chameleon and Walk On Water altogether! That instrumental part after the chorus is everything!

2 years ago

Great and a very professional video. Ira continue showing her abilities and giving opportunity to other emerging talented artists like michela. Well done

2 years ago

Stunning video! Definitely not shot in Malta though, we don’t have the space! ???