€45. That’s how much it’ll cost you to attend the super spectacular Eurovision spectacle that is Eurovision in Concert 2020. And today organisers of Europe’s most famous preview event have announced that the ticket pre-sale will begin on Friday, 11 October. That’s one week from today.

As in recent years, they will be available through the official sales partner Ticketmaster. You’ll need to pay an additional €4.50 service charge. The event takes place in Amsterdam’s AFAS Live on 4 April — just a few weeks before rehearsals kick off in Rotterdam.

Eurovision in Concert 2020

Following the Dutch win back in May, a lot of fans wondered whether organisers would choose to stage Eurovision in Concert in 2020. After all, Eurovision is taking place in Rotterdam just a few weeks later. So won’t international fans want to try a new pre-party this year?

Maybe. But we’re still anticipating a full house as the event is likely to draw even more local fans who are swept up in the Eurovision spirit. We’re sure they will more than make up for any internationals who choose to go elsewhere. After all, the Dutchies will be kicking off six months of slayage already this December with a massive Eurovision concert in the Ziggo Dome. Something tells us they have enough fuel to keep the Euro-fire burning!

Eurovision In Concert is a benchmark for fans and bookmakers, and an excellent opportunity to take a good look at the competitors. It’s often the first time acts perform their songs live and it can really set the pace for Eurovision.

The most recent edition of the event saw 28 acts from Eurovision 2019 performing their tracks live in front of thousands of screaming Eurovision fans. It helped Eurovision pundits finalise their bets, and had all of us sizing up the competition.

As ever the team from wiwibloggs will be on-the-ground conducting interviews. We’re traveling all around the Netherlands as part of our YouTube travel series, and can’t wait to return to Amsterdam after seeing so much of the country.

Will you be attending Eurovision in Concert 2020? Are you going to this event and Eurovision a few weeks later? Have you attended in past years and did you love it as much as we did? Let us know down below.

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8 months ago

Are the Tickets for London available as well?

Roy Moreno
Roy Moreno
8 months ago

I don’t know why they need both Eurovision and EiC but I guess that’s more Eurovision for all of us 🙂

8 months ago
Reply to  Roy Moreno

Eurovision In Concert is the ONLY, OFFICIAL Eurovision pre-party. I guess EBU forces them to have it anyway. Tel Aviv pre-party is not official, so for them was optional in 2019.