They’re the French duo who brought an important story to the Eurovision 2018 stage. And one year after their performance in Lisbon, Madame Monsieur are continuing to release new music. Earlier in September, they dropped their latest single “Comme un homme” (“Like a man”).

The track is from their upcoming third studio album. Madame Monsieur — that’s Emilie Satt and Jean-Karl Lucas — have been working on this new project ever since the release of their previous record Vu d’ici.

“Comme un homme” follows on from the duo’s other recent releases, such as “Bandido”. The “Mercy” hitmakers have teamed up with a featured artist on each of these new songs. And this collaborative nature continues into “Comme un homme”, with French rapper Youssoupha making an appearance on the track.

The first verse begins with Youssoupha dropping his rap skills to a very contemporary beat. A notable highlight of the track is the first merger of Emilie’s voice together with the aspiring rapper. In the chorus, the melody leads into an infectious melody that would work well on any dance floor.

“Comme un homme” balances Youssoupha’s rap section with Madame Monsieur’s signature style very well. They’ve managed to perfectly execute this combination of unexpected sounds.

The French duo always seem inspired to try out different musical directions. This ability to adapt has helped them work with numerous artists, including France’s Eurovision 2019 entrant Bilal Hassani and Belgium’s Eurovision 2020 act Hooverphonic.

Madame Monsieur — “Comme un homme”

Lyrically, the song is all about the understanding that we all make mistakes. Even when everything in life seems to be going against you, there’s still an important lesson to learn from the times when things go wrong.

Emilie sings about such experiences and the realisation that, men or women, nobody is superman. But beyond that, the lyrics stress that these events in our lives are of great importance for personal growth and becoming stronger in the long run.

What do you think about Madame Monsieur’s new song? Is the infectious “Comme un homme” making its way onto your playlist? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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2 years ago

i like the song, and probably they were inspired by so many movies with super heroes/heroines that we have today. some people say that women should not be in these movies, because it’s not realistic that a woman can beat a man. so stupid. hello. neither men super heroes are realistic. i hate those movies altogether.