For his recent single “Monarchie Absolue”, Bilal Hassani collaborated with ALKPOTE — a French rapper of Tunisian descent who has a chequered history with the LGBTQ+ community.

And now their most unexpected collaboration will continue in the online crime series Flics. The five-part series will air for free on YouTube in January 2020. It tells the story of Inspector Kpote — “a dirty cop to the core who provides protection and information to drug dealers”. Don’t breathe too deep or you may get high…

Aware of his darker leanings, the police commissioner forces him to work with the best cop in the division — Inspector Hassani. Presumably more upright and with a deeper commitment to doing what’s right, he’ll have to solve cases while keeping his eyes on his new partner.

Of course, making this happen isn’t cheap. So the team behind the production have launched a fundraising campaign on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank with the goal of raising 20,000 euros. That money will go toward equipment — cameras, lighting, etc. —as well as securing sets and covering production costs like editing and video effects.

Bilal and ALKPOTE

Their most unexpected musical collaboration was born as a response to shade.

“When the French designated me to be their representative on Eurovision, fans of Alkpote launched a petition for him to go to Eurovision in my place,” Bilal says on the fundraising page. “I find it funny to answer it with a collaboration. ”

The rapper was as keen: “I accepted the proposal directly from Bilal. I am very open to this kind of proposal, to mix genres, communities.”

Bilal knows how to bring flair and charisma to the stage while singing, so it’s only natural that he’s turning toward the dramatic arts. It’s just the latest addition to his ever-growing CV which, of course, includes his debut album “KINGDOM”. It has new 6 songs including a duet one with Eurovision 2018 stars Madame Monsieur.

Are you loving the idea of Bilal as an inspector? Have you made your donations yet? Let us know in the comments box below.

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another win for HASSSSSSANI ???

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Fast Food Music Lover
Fast Food Music Lover
4 years ago

WERK! So happy for him.