The women of OG3NE are known for their angelic voices. But in recent weeks the three sisters have shown all of the Netherlands that they can do a lot more than sing. On Friday the sisters Vol — that’s Lisa, Amy and Shelley — won the 5th season of the popular Dutch dancing show Dance Dance Dance.

In the show, famous Dutchies recreate dance moves from iconic video clips — and it proved mighty easy for this trio, who you’ll remember from both the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 (“Adem in, adem uit”) and Eurovision 2017 (“Lights and Shadows”).

From the very first episode the girls attracted attention from the juries and the audience, making them the early favourites to win. And given that they won the fifth season of The Voice of Holland it’s pretty clear the public love them. But it didn’t go without a struggle. Amy suffers from asthma and she only has one lung. At times — most especially in rehearsals — she really struggled. Lisa also suffered from a sustained injury. But nothing, apparently, could slow down these three.

During the show’s finale, the girls danced to the music of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Rag’n’Bone Man and Britney Spears. Gaga’s “Applause” was one of the fan favourites. Lisa, Amy and Shelley danced flawlessly and in perfect sync while wearing some truly Halloween-esque costumes. They earned three tens from the judges – and overwhelming applause.

The girls also danced to “Human” from Rag’n’Bone Man. That dance was considered even more impressive than the first performance. Twins Amy and Shelley danced at full throttle and their big sister Lisa danced as if nothing were wrong — despite her injury.

The judges waxed lyrical. “You girls go like a rocket,” Timor Steffens said after the final dance of the three. “There has not been a single moment in which I thought: Ok, now it’s getting boring. No — it is exactly the way it should be.”

OG3NE emerged as the winners of “Dance Dance Dance”. The girls won a prize of 100,000 euros, and they decided to donate it to the lung fund, which is obviously a very important cause for Amy. .

What did you think of the performances from OG3NE? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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3 years ago

So pleased for them. They are clearly very talented young women who all have big hearts as well as big voices. Their song about their dying mother was both incredibly sad and strangly uplifting at the same time. The Netherlands could do a lot worse by choosing these ladies.

Mr. Vanilla Bean
Mr. Vanilla Bean
3 years ago

I love them. I can’t think of anyone better to represent The Netherlands next year on home ground. Songwriting probably should be outsourced to a non-relative, though.