Our favourite Montenegrin man, Eurovision’s 2017 entrant Slavko Kalezić has finally whipped his hair back from “Space” to land himself on stage. And this time, he’s getting personal with a new theatre show.

The production Moja Istina (My Truth) brings to life Slavko’s 2018 memoir of the same name. The show recounts Montenegro’s favourite plat-twirling entertainers’ artistic journey, including his path to Eurovision and his time on The X Factor UK. It also touches on Slavko’s course of self-discovery to be the fabulous entertainer he is today.

When asked what audiences can expect from Moja Istina, Slavko told wiwibloggs:

“One thing is to read everything I wrote in my book, but to experience my words from the book, watching me on the stage playing the most memorable paragraphs from the book is something else. It is so important for me to make a show where people can breathe, feel and react with me.”

Slavko’s creative journey

The show will focus on aspects of Slavko’s creative journey in three parts. The first part will be a theatrical and spiritual experience, weaving his journey to Africa and how it had impacted him. In the second part of the show, Slavko will be returning to his musical roots, showcasing his time at the judges’ houses in The X Factor UK.

Lucky for audiences will also be treated to two new singles as part of the show, the uptempo pop extravaganza “Love Letter” and “Pjesma Za Nju (A Song For Her)”, a ballad dedicated to his mother.

There will also be a heavy focus on how appearing on Eurovision impacted Slavko’s creativity and spearheaded his evolution to become an internationally recognised performer – all despite not making the grand final.

He explains, “After Eurovision and all experienced, something beautiful happened with my creative skills. I proved that you don’t have to qualify to the final of ESC to make a successful career,”

It has been non-stop for Slavko since his stint on Eurovision in 2017, with no signs of stepping off the stage anytime soon.

“For almost three years, I’ve been travelling all around the world because the ESC community want me. A lot of shows, performances, meet and greets with my amazing fans. I showed my personality and my emphatic soul. I love my fans. We are one.”

It appears that Slavko’s home country also advocates for his exuberant creativity. The stage production of Moja Istina is supported by the Montenegrin Ministry of Culture, the Actors Association of Montenegro, Ramada Podgorica and the Film Centre of Montenegro.

When asked what it feels like to bring his story to the stage with the support of the Montenegrin arts sector, Slavko said, “I am so happy and blessed, and I am so thankful!”

Slavko’s creative journey Moja Istina premiers live on stage from 11 November at the Hotel Ramada Podgorica, Montenegro.

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