One of the best things about Eurovision is that fans get around 40 new artists to fall in love with each year. We get to follow them on a journey to the contest and then keep listening to the new music they produce after the contest as an added bonus.

With so many new artists emerging each year, it can be difficult at times to keep up with all the new songs that past Eurovision contestants are releasing. So, every once in a while it’s nice to delve into these new offerings and remind ourselves of why we fell in love with these artists in the first place.

Therefore, here’s a roundup of the songs that have been released this year by some of our favourite Eurovision alumni. Starting off with Eleni Foureira, Hadise, Cleo, Pastora Soler, Sara Jo and OG3NE.

Eleni Foureira – “Άλλο Level” (with Lil Barty)

Eleni Foureira has released a number of Spanish-language tracks over the past couple of years. However, the “Fuego” hitmaker recently returned to the Greek language for “Άλλο Level” (“Another Level”). This song sees her teaming up with rapper Lil Barty. It’s a laid-back but cool track that benefits from a catchy underlying beat and hook. The accompanying music video has a prominent black and white colour scheme, with every piece of clothing and prop having some form of pattern to it.

Hadise – “Aşk Dediğin” and “Geliyorum Yanına”

Turkey may not be participating in Eurovision at the present time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the new music of their past contestants. Hadise got us all shaking our hips and going “Düm Tek Tek” in 2009, but the star slowed things down earlier this year for “Aşk Dediğin” (“What You Call Love”). The final single off her 2017 album Şampiyon, the track is a ballad with strong traditional instrumentation. The music video is shot almost entirely in black and white, and features the Turkish singer at a party with her partner.

Not one to stay in a melancholic mood for too long, Hadise increased the BPM for her brand-new single “Geliyorum Yanına” (“I’m Coming To You”). An upbeat party track, the Eurovision alum wants to get everyone on their feet, as she sings: “Dance, dance, dance until the morning”.

This sentiment is emulated perfectly in the music video, with the singer enjoying a summer’s day before hosting a rooftop party that lasts well into the night. We just hope that next time she hosts a similar party we get an invite as well.

Cleo – “Za Krokiem Krok”, “KŁY” (with Don&RL9 and donGURALesko) and “DOM”

Poland’s Eurovision 2014 singer Cleo kicked off 2019 by releasing “WRRRA”. However, her big hit of the year came with “Za Krokiem Krok” (“Step By Step”). The music video has racked up over 49 million views since its release. It’s a catchy pop song that quickly gets stuck in your head, though could perhaps get slightly annoying if put on repeat too many times.

The aforementioned music video sees Cleo as the host of a TV show, alongside her puppet co-host. Titled #PickUpShow, the Eurovision alum presents various segments, including a fitness workout and hip-hop dancing taster.

More recently, Cleo roughed things up a bit by featuring on “KŁY” (“Fangs”) by Don&RL9, which is the stage name for the musical collaboration between fellow Eurovision 2014 artist Donatan and Robert Lewandowski (captain of the Polish national football team). Cleo shows a different side to herself in the track, which has a more R’n’B sound and features a rap verse from donGURALesko.

Set in a post-apocalyptic society, the music video sees Cleo wandering a barren wasteland before coming across a small civilisation. While the women of this group are initially sceptical of her presence, she’s eventually allowed to see the leader and offers a gift to the newest member of the clan.

This past week, Cleo released the new single “DOM” (“Home”), which is again produced by Donatan and Robert Lewandowski. The song is in memory of Cleo’s grandma. The Polish star adds a message to the end of the music video: “In memory of my beloved Grandma Tereska. I was far from home when I found out you were gone. We were not able to say goodbye, but I feel that you are always beside me”.

Musically, this latest song utilises traditional instrumentation and background chanting. Cleo also sports traditional Polish attire, similar to her Eurovision stage costume, for the music video. The video was shot in Tunisia, and sees the “My Słowianie” singer travelling home. Her travels take her across a desert, over the sea, and through an urban settlement.

Pastora Soler – “Aunque me cueste la vida” and Sentir

She brought Spain back into the top ten at Eurovision 2012. Now, Pastora Soler has recently released her twelfth studio album Sentir (Feel). The star dropped the LP’s lead single, “Aunque me cueste la vida” (“Even if it costs my life”), at the start of September. An emotional ballad, it’s what the “Quédate Conmigo” singer is best known for.

Lyrically, Pastora sings about moving on from an ill-fated relationship and not falling into the trap of returning. She knows she would be better off alone: “And even if it costs my life / Even if I feel empty / It’s better to be alone this time / Than there in a world of lies”.

Sara Jo – “Bez sna”, “Mili, mili” and “Kao nikada pre” (with Predrag Simić)

In 2013, Serbia’s Moje 3 failed to qualify to the Eurovision grand final. But, that result certainly didn’t slow Sara Jo down. She’s gone on to achieve mainstream success with her solo material, and started off 2019 by releasing the single “Bez sna” (“No sleep”). With the chorus of the track positioned right at the start of the song, it makes sure the repeated hook is instantly ingrained into the listener’s memory.

Sara’s vocals are quite breathy in the song and give the track a lighter feel to it despite the heavy drum beat running throughout. The majority of the accompanying music video was shot in one take as the Serbian star dances around a lavish house.

Sara followed up with the single “Mili, mili” (“Dear, dear”). Inspired by the sound of the early 00’s, the song has a simple percussion and synth beat that helps capture the mood. The music video also takes us back 20 or so years, with Sara rocking a number of top knots and some reflective sunglasses.

The lyrics see the “Ljubav je svuda” singer talking to her loved one. Although they might be hiding their love and pretending there’s nothing there, Sara knows that’s not the truth: “You and I are pretending we don’t like it / That’s spite, in fact we’re going crazy / Dear, dear / With you I’m all about this or that”.

Most recently, Sara has teamed up with Predrag Simić on “Kao nikada pre” (“Like never before”). There’s no harmonies is this duet, but rather a constant back and forth between the two singers.

This ‘battle’ is shown visually in the music video. Sara and Predrag come face to face in the carriage of a metro train and sing in front of each other.

OG3NE – Straight To You

They may have been getting their groove on over the past few weeks competing in Dance, Dance, Dance, but sister-trio OG3NE haven’t been forgetting about their singing career. The Dutch group recently released their new album Straight To You. The LP includes eleven tracks, including previous single “Clouds Across The Sun”, and reached the top ten of the Dutch album chart. Naturally, the new album is full of the lush harmonies that the trio are known for.

If you want even more from the Eurovision 2017 contestants, they’ve also released a live in concert album, titled Three Times A Lady. This includes a live performance of their Eurovision entry “Lights and Shadows”.

What do you make of the new music from these Eurovision alumni? Which songs will you add to your own playlist? And which former Eurovision artists are you still following? Sound off in the comments.

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4 years ago

Cleo is the great proof that Eurovision can help with starting career in your country. I see a lot of people that didn’t know that she participated 5 years ago.