She’s the rising star that served avant-garde darkness whilst representing Romania at Eurovision 2019 with “On a Sunday”. And now, Ester Peony has dropped her first solo release since competing at Eurovision, titled “7 Roses”.

“7 Roses” is a track packed with sass and confidence. Released on Cat Music, and already gaining traction on Romanian radio, the digital production here is club ready.

This attitude on the track is exported to the music video. Looking fierce with her hair slicked back in a ponytail, Ester Peony is the girl in control! As she weaves through multiple scenes bossing the other characters, Ester rides a motorbike that’s straddled on the shoulders of men.

Ester Peony – “7 Roses”

Earlier in the year, the Romanian singer teamed up with Belgian DJ-producers HIDDN and Rude Lies to release a cover of Indila’s smash hit, “Dernière Danse“. But for this new release, Peony has put the focus solely on herself.

“7 Roses” sees Peony once again teaming up with Alexandru Serbu, who was also her key collaborator for “On A Sunday”.

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Ester explains:

I wrote this song with my best friend, Ioana Victoria Badea, as a tonic for all the people out there who are or were disappointed at one point by a lover (those motherf***ers). I wish this song, through its lyrics, to inspire as many people as possible to leave the past and head towards a beautiful future.

The filming team was amazing, and in this way, I send them my thanks, especially to the director Quba, my friend Ioana Victoria for make-up & hair and Eniko Szanto for the superb styling. Quba managed to capture, through the script and directing, the feminine power and independence, in a fresh, fun and why not, bold way.

Lyrics: Ester Peony – “7 Roses”

Um, aaay
Where to find the one to be my baby? Um, aaay
Seem to find only the assholes lately Um, aaay
Won’t settle for less cuz I’m a lady! Um, aaay, Yeah, yeah, aaay!

7 roses never were my style, aaah
6 AM’s not a good time to fight, aaah
5 lies and 4 missed calls late at night, aaah
3 lovers to fail me so one goodbye for those motherf***ers!

Those motherf***ers!
Those motherf***ers!
Say! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!

On and on nnn o on oon on, all I hear
I’m gonna do do n do da da do What I feel! Your bulls*** was never a riddle
So kiss my nice middle finger!
On and on nnn o on oon on all I hear…

Um, aaay
Cried too many times for the wrong baby
Um, aaay
And they don’t deserve me, ain’t no maybe
Um, aaay
I want some respect, yeah I’m a lady
No more guys to fail me cuz I’m too sick of those motherf***ers!


Say I am weak, but I ain’t
And no, no man, will make me fall
(No man will!)
You say I am small, I ain’t NO
(Say I am!)
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! (Say!)



“7 Roses” is out now on all digital music platforms.

What do you think of Ester Peony’s latest song? Do you like the music video? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Cristi Lavin
Cristi Lavin
8 months ago

Ester Peony got betrayed not by men but by herself, as she did switch her previous genre. From dark and depressive music, she tries to become again a flat pop singer. I need a gothic style, not our day’s style! She still is exploring and so far no decisive direction in her musical evolution, unfortunately.

8 months ago


8 months ago

This is very reminiscent of Maruv. I like it!

8 months ago

I can’t be the only one who was reminded of Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” by the title and Billie Eilish’s “wish you were gay” in the pre-chorus.

8 months ago

I’m happy that she is making music after ESC, but with those lyrics I don’t think the song is radio friendly, or maybe yes, it depends. And I don’t understand why is she so angry, is it because the guy did’t know she doesn’t like roses? Anyway, I really want ESC artists to be successful after ESC.