X Factor Malta reached the final Bootcamp episode, where acts had one last chance to impress the judges. The judging panel had the task of whittling down the Bootcamp hopefuls into the acts that will face the Chair Challenge next week — the last stage before Judges Houses.

The acts were assessed by the jury panel — music manager Howard Keith Debono, rock legend Ray Mercieca, singer-songwriter Alexandra Alden and Malta’s Eurovision queen Ira Losco. And this episode, both the judging panel and the acts learned which judges would be mentoring which categories.

First up, each of the acts had once last chance to perform in front of the judges and show them why they should go on to the Chair Challenge, the live shows and maybe even Eurovision 2020.

In the Groups category, one of the stand-out performances came from the new duo of James Mifsud and Yasmin Helledie. They had originally auditioned as individuals, but the judges put them together. As well as being one of the best looking acts in the contest this year, Yazmin  & James work well as a duo. They both have expressive, folky voices and gave a sweet twist on “You’re the One That I Want”.

In the Boys category, Giovanni stood out with the performance he delivered. He performed his own song, a smooth R&B ballad. He was comfortable with his delivery and didn’t just stand still on stage. Giovanni made the most of a small stool, which prompted judge Alexandra to exclaim, “You, sir, are a performance artist!”

Now, we’re not saying this contest is hers to win, but Destiny Chukunyere is one of the main acts to beat. Destiny tackled Christina Aguilera’s “The Voice Within” with her typical vocal slayage. Again, it did feel like a slightly predictable song choice for Destiny, but we can’t really criticise a singer for staying within their comfort zone at Bootcamp.

The Overs category is perhaps the one with no immediate stand-out stars, but we’re all about the slow burn. Benjamin Attard delivered his own arrangement of “Hit the Road, Jack” and showed some promising vocal talent.

More eliminations were made and the judges were allocated their categories to mentor. Next week the following contestants will battle it out in the Chair Challenge:

Girls – Ira Losco: Charisse Vassallo, Danika Catuajar, Destiny Chukunyere,  Gail Attard, Jasmine Abela, Jelena Attard, Julia Camilleri, Justine Shorfid, Kylie Meilak, Karin Duff, Lisa Marie Tabone, Marija Bellia and Maria Ellul.

Boys – Ray Mercieca: Cain Portelli, Dav. Jr, Dayle Camilleri, Giovanni, Jake Camilleri, Jurgen Volkov, Karl Schembri, Kyle Cutajar, Logan Borg, Matt Blxck, Nedved Galea and Noah Grech.

Overs – Alexandra Alden: Benjamin Attard, Celine Agius, Chantal Catania, Derrick Schembri, Edward Abdilla, Francesca Borg, Jozi, Kersten Graham, Mark Morales, Matthew Vassallo, Michelle Ellul, Paul Anthony and Rhys Fiteni.

Groups – Howard Keith Debono: Isaac & Miguel, Two Blocks Away, Yazmin & James, Julia & Samira and seven other as yet unnamed newly formed groups.

The remaining acts will go on to compete in the Chair Challenge next week. There, the acts will perform and will compete to get their bum on one of only six seats available in each category.

What do you think? Which performances have you been impressed with? Who would you like to see represent Malta at Eurovision 2020? Sound off below!

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Purple Mask
Purple Mask
2 years ago

Only two comments (before mine) about this unfolding saga. Perhaps not a good sign for Malta’s selection.
Either that, or you all think Destiny is a shoe-in?

2 years ago

Jasmine Abela for the win. She should won with her song Alive back then.

2 years ago

Go groups <3