Slovenia: Marmoris and Saška survive third week of EMA FREŠ

They love to give us a different flavour at Eurovision every year. And in the last few editions, Slovenia’s sound was definitely fresh and very current.

Now, the country is hoping to continue the trend for 2020 by adding an extra selection for new talent to its EMA national selection. Week three of the EMA FREŠ process saw the duo Marmoris and singer Saška qualify for the next stage.

Slovenia: EMA FREŠ Week Three Results

Once again, from Monday to Wednesday the EMA FREŠ duels took place online. Users could vote for their favourite act by hearing snippets of the participating entries. In the end, the three winners were whittled down to just two acts who now head to the final of EMA FREŠ. This is the third week of duels, meaning we now know all of the 18 acts participating in the “wildcard selection”.

The first duel this week took place on Monday 18 November. It ended with Saška triumphing over Ljudmila Frelih.

The second duel took place on Tuesday 19 November. Nuša Pliberšek defeated Alfirev.

The third duel took place on Wednesday 20 November, with Marmoris trumping Lana Hrvatin.

On Friday 22 November, the final of the week took place where jurors and online users decided to give the two final slots to Saška and Marmoris. As in previous weeks, we don’t know which one of them was the public’s favourite and who was saved by the jury. Slovenians know how to tease us and how to keep things exciting!

Slovenia: EMA FREŠ Week Three Qualifiers


According to the official EMA Freš website, Marmoris doesn’t have any band members. Any musician can join the project. But for the purposes of Eurovision, it consists of Matic Skok and Andraž Kos. They sing and rap. Their urban sound is definitely not the typical thing people expect from Eurovision, so this could help them to stand out. Both men have been musically active since childhood and play many instruments. Andraž even produces his own music. Now the musicians are one step closer of making it to the EMA final with their song “Moj pristan” (My Heaven).


Although the competition is for newcomers, Saška isn’t that inexperienced. She’s been involved with music since she was a child and loves to sing and play the violin. Maybe she could combine the two for Eurovision? Speaking of Eurovision: Saška previously worked with one Slovenia’s most successful representative: Nuša Derenda — seventh place at Eurovision 2001. Recently, she played support for local popstar Alya. But now she wants to go one step further and be the star herself. Saška says she hopes to use EMA Freš to present herself and for many people get to know her and her music. Eurovision would be a great opportunity for that. She competes with a current sounding ballad in Slovenian.

What’s next?

Now we know all of the 18 competing EMA FREŠ acts. After three weeks, we also know the favourite six acts for the final: Stella, YouNite, Klarity, Parvani Violet, Marmoris and Saška.

But hold on! Everyone deserves a second chance, right? The twelve songs that didn’t make it to the final round still have the chance to do so. For the next two weeks, these “lucky losers” will again battle it out in duels.

Therefore, another four songs will progress and join the first six winners. In the end, a total of ten songs will take part in the EMA Freš final which will take place later this winter. This whole process will take place online only.

But just two spots are free for the main EMA 2020 competition in Slovenia. They’ll join eight more established acts in the February final.

Almost every year Slovenia offers up national final acts which Eurovision fans already know and love from past participations. Having said that, will we actually see acts like BQL, Omar Naber or Raiven again in 2020?

Which of the six qualified EMA FREŠ acts is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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