Another week has passed and another two acts have made it through to the EMA FREŠ final. Slovenian broadcaster RTV SLO held another online battle of the wildcard selection round of EMA. EMA FREŠ will give two places in EMA to new talent… but this week the songs that battled it out, weren’t all that new.

Everyone deserves a second chance, right? While after three weeks EMA FREŠ has already picked its six most-loved acts to head to the final, the 12 losing acts will get a second and final chance.

From this week on, the lucky losers will battle it out in duels. This will determine the last four spots in the EMA FREŠ final.

From Monday on, the first half of the 12 remaining competed. Every day, only one winner was crowned.

The first duel of the week took place on Monday, when Pia Nina won the voting over Sara Petešić. The second duel took place on Tuesday. Nuša Pliberšek defeated Marko Škof. The third duel took place this Wednesday. Singer Alfirev defeated the band Solution there.

The whole week was dominated female acts as three young women made it to the final round. Yesterday the judges and online voters decided that Nuša wasn‘t ready for the final but Alfirev and Pia Nina made it through to the EMA FREŠ final.

The EMA FREŠ qualifiers of week four – the second chance round


Alfirev says her parents pushed her to persue music. At first, she didn’t really felt her passion for singing — she prefered to write her own songs. After Alfirev’s parents realised that she was a great songwriter, her father managed to convince her that music is the right thing for her.  He took her to the studio and his daughter began to produce her very first own song.  Finally, Alfirev explored her talent in singing.

She uploaded her songs via the SoundCloud platform where Slovenian producers began to take notice of her. Together with them, her joyful “Črno Bela Lika” was created and now Alfirev is one step closer to get the golden ticket for Slovenia‘s EMA. With her sassy street style you can see on her instagram profile she could be a fashion-stand out in the competition as well.

Pia Nina

Pia Nina is a 20-year-old newcomer from Kranj — but she definitely wants to become a professional musician. Not only with competing in EMA FREŠ — she has recently started attending studying music production at university. But still, singing is her biggest passion, and she’s a big fan of the legendary Amy Winehouse and jazz/soul singer Sade.

Pia loves the English language, the UK in general, and also shows love for neighbouring countries as she lived in the Dalmatia region for three years. We have a cosmopolitan girl here! Together with producer Jerne Kržič, Pia applied for EMA FREŠ with her very current sounding “Tukaj in zdaj” and now is one of the ten finalists. Pia also covers songs on YouTube.

What’s next for EMA FREŠ?

Next week the last round of duels takes place online. Again, the lucky losers from the first round of duels get a second chance and try to get one of the last two spots in the EMA FREŠ final.

With spiritual singer Astrid in Avantgarden who likes to sing about coconuts and pop-soul singer Tilen Lotric, innovative and creative artists will be a part of the final qualification round. So don’t miss out on the chance to vote for your favourite next week.

Only two of the final ten songs will be crowned as the winners of EMA FREŠ. They’ll go on to take part in the grand final of Slovenia’s Eurovision national final EMA 2020 in February, along with eight established artists who are still to be announced.

Did your favourites make it through this week? Do you think one of the fresh acts are ready to represent Slovenia in Rotterdam in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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