Elvana Gjata Albania Eurovision 2020

It’s almost time for us to face the music. But before the 20 songs for Albania’s Festivali i Këngës 58 arrive on Monday, we can reveal the one act which has left our readers giddy with anticipation — Elvana Gjata!

FiK 58: Favourite Acts

Back in November, shortly after the line-up for Albania’s Eurovision 2020 selection was revealed, we asked a very important question — Which Festivali i Këngës 58 act are you the most excited for?

Elvana Gjata

Hundreds of you let your voices by heard by voting in our poll. And after counting just over 2,000 votes, we can confirm that Elvana Gjata is the act that’s left y’all gagging. The star hoovered up support, capturing 37.87% of all votes cast.

And it’s hardly surprising. Gjata is huge. We’re talking almost half a billion views on YouTube and 1.4 million Instagram followers huge. In fact, the star is so big that when news of the line-up first broke, many thought it was fake.

Name a contest in Albania and the chances are Elvana has either won it or placed highly — Dancing With The Stars, Kënga Magjike Award and Top Fest Award. She even attempted FiK early in her career. However, that was in the days before the contest was used as a national selection for Eurovision. Some of her many hits include “Kuq e zi je ti”, “Love Me” and “Mike”.

Arilena Ara

Some way back, in second place, it’s Arilena Ara. She secured 22.02% of all votes cast.

Elvana may have the biggest following, but Arilena Ara is not far behind. Her Instagram fans number 1.1 million. She first rose to fame after winning The X Factor Albania in 2013. In the years since she’s racked up numerous chart smashes. And she’s even gone to the other side of the talent show table, acting as a coach on The Voice Kids Albania. 

“Nëntori” is her best known single internationally. It enjoyed considerable airplay in Romania and Russia and has over 67 million YouTube views.

Olta Boka

Olta Boka comes a distant third with 8.41% of the ballot.

While consumers of Albanian pop are gagging on Gjata and Aja, hers is the only name on the lips of Eurovision fans of a certain vintage. Olta Boka won Festivali i Këngës 46 and represented Albania at the 2008 song contest in Belgrade. She placed 17th in the final with “Zemrën E Lamë Peng”.

Following her Eurovision stint, she’s won awards at both Kënga Magjike and Top Fest and released a slew of popular singles.

Poll results: Which Festivali i Këngës 58 act are you the most excited for?

  1. Elvana Gjata 37.87% (779 Votes)
  2. Arilena Ara 22.02% (453 Votes)
  3. Olta Boka 8.41% (173 Votes)
  4. Kanita 5.64% (116 Votes)
  5. Era Rusi 2.92% (60 Votes)
  6. Albërije Hadërgjonaj 2.87% (59 Votes)
  7. Aldo Bardhi 2.67% (55 Votes)
  8. Tiri Gjoci 2.38% (49 Votes)
  9. Uendi Mancaku 2.33% (48 Votes)
  10. Kamela Islamaj 2.24% (46 Votes)
  11. Eli Fara & Stresi 1.99% (41 Votes)
  12. Valon Shehu 1.56% (32 Votes)
  13. Bojken Lako 1.41% (29 Votes)
  14. Gena 1.17% (24 Votes)
  15. Robert Berisha 1.12% (23 Votes)
  16. Renis Gjoka 1.02% (21 Votes)
  17. Sara Bajraktari 0.88% (18 Votes)
  18. Kastro Zizo 0.58% (12 Votes)
  19. Genc Tukiçi & Nadia Tukiçi 0.49% (10 Votes)
  20. Devis Xherahu 0.43% (9 Votes)

Total Votes: 2,057

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

The songs have only just been released, and you have closed the poll alreadynamic. Give people a chance.

Mr X
Mr X
4 years ago

“Loja” by Renis Gjoka is a real masterpiece, but shorten especially for ESC would be a crime and I like “Eagles are free” by Gena very much but I think the best choice for Amsterdam is indeed Elvana Gjata, a fresh mixture between R&B and Ethno and a singer already with international experience and so much better than “Fuego”. Both Arilena and Olta are quite boring for me.

4 years ago

OMGGGG Elvana’s song is fire its the next Fuego but almost better and will win FiK mark my words

4 years ago

Are we not going to mention this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enVekrEbHHs

4 years ago

And I hope she wins! Arilena would also deserve it, but I kind of prefer Elvana since Albania hasn’t sent anything upbeat in a long long time (Juliana Pasha was the last one), they’ve basically sent only ballads since 2014…(except 2018)