In 2001, she gave France a fourth-place finish at Eurovision. Now French Canadian singer Natasha St-Pier has another achievement under her belt. She has been revealed as the Cupcake in the French edition of the celebrity singing contest Mask Singer.

Mask Singer is a celebrity singing contest based on a popular South Korean show format. The acts range from established singers to amateurs from other fields, such as sports and comedy, who just fancy a singalong. But while all the contestants are household names in France, they can’t rely on their fame.

The contestants all perform in disguise, wearing elaborate costumes that hide their true identity. The French series features a Seahorse, a Panda, a Monster, a Squirell and a Cupcake. But regardless of the costume, it ends up being all about the voice.

Natasha lasted five weeks in the contest, before being eliminated in fifth place. Friday’s show included a dramatic unveiling where the cheerful rainbow Cupcake character was revealed to be the French Eurovision star.

Natasha had mixed fortune in her time on the show. After her debut performance of Carla Bruni’s “Quelqu’un m’a dit”, she faced the sing-off. But she fared better in subsequent weeks, being safe with a performance of Céline Dion’s “Pour que tu m’aimes encore” and The Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling”.

In last weekend’s episode, Natasha was initially safe with her performance of Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me”, but it was the end of the line after a performance of “Call Me Maybe” by fellow Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen.

Over the weeks, the show had been dropping clues about the Cupcake’s identity and finally revealed all once the Cupcake was unmasked.

The show’s voting is done by the studio audience, but a panel of celebrities provided commentary and tried guessing the identities of the acts. But there was one judge who had the Cupcake sussed from the start.

France’s 2012 Eurovision singer Anggun is part of the Mask Singer judging panel. She’s also a friend of Natasha and has previously collaborated with her. So it’s no surprise that Anggun was sure of who was inside that sweet shell.

The Eagle, the Panda, the Peacock and the Unicorn remain in the competition.

Natasha St-Pier isn’t the first Eurovision star to make an appearance on The Masked Singer. In August, Germany’s Eurovision 2004 singer Max Mutzke won the German edition of the show.

What do you think? Which former Eurovision acts would you like to see on The Masked Singer? Tell us your thoughts below!

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sakis julien
2 years ago

Triste de voir cela de eurovision a cette emission nulle de la voir descendre aussi bas….NEXT

2 years ago

Never thought a Wiwi’s article would mention Natasha St-Pier’s participation to Mask Singer, but it’s cool.

Natasha was incredible on that show, especially when she sang ‘California’s Dreamin”. Btw, I hope the Unicorn will win the show. It is my favourite character. I love her singing ‘Si Maman Si’ in the latest episode, that was touching.

2 years ago
Reply to  Mako

If it is Laurence Boccolini, as I suspect it, I think it wouldn’t be fair to win :/ One of the purpose of the show is to hide who you are :/