She was the “Funny Girl” who represented Latvia at Eurovision 2018 in a seductive red dress. And now, Laura Rizzotto has just released her new single, “One More Night”. But, this new single comes with a futuristic twist thanks to the new augmented reality app Metastage.

Laura Rizzotto releases new single “One More Night”

“One More Night” introduces Laura’s new sound: Latin-pop. The tune is a playful narrative of someone who realised their relationship is over, but keeps postponing the breakup — we’ve all been there!

On this composition, she’s teamed up with Jonathan Asperil. He’s worked with a number of chart-topping artists, including Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson and Janelle Monae.

Laura Rizzotto – “One More Night”

Metastage augmented reality: Watch Laura Rizzotto perform anywhere you wish

But, this isn’t just any old single release. The Brazilian-born beauty has been captured by 106 high definition cameras for a spectacular holographic performance that’s yours to access whenever you choose.

Laura Rizzotto has been chosen as the featured artist for the official release of Metastage — a new augmented reality app, which allows fans to watch exclusive, private, virtual shows from anywhere in the world, as if they were on stage with the artist.

Metastage CEO Christina Heller told Forbes magazine that the premiering of a holographic performance with Laura Rizzotto is groundbreaking. This project is a big deal!

Speaking exclusively with wiwibloggs, Laura Rizzotto expresses her excitement:

“I’m so excited to finally share this project, especially with my Eurovision fam. Since I was a part of the contest in 2018 with my original song “Funny Girl”, a lot of people have asked me to come back to the Eurovision stage. Now, thanks to this amazing technology, I am back… virtually!”

“My stage is wherever you are. You can place my hologram anywhere you wish, change my size, spin me around, watch the performance from all possible angles, and even record videos of what you create! It’s like we are sharing a stage and you can make the performance your own. I’m excited to see people get creative with this awesome new technology.”

By downloading the Metastage app on any smartphone or tablet for free, you can watch Laura perform as a hologram right in front of you. This makes her the first artist in history to release a new song in a holographic performance.

In addition to her new single “One More Night”, you can also watch Laura perform her Eurovision 2018 song “Funny Girl” through the Metastage app.

You can download the Metastage app now on iOS or Android.

What do you think of “One More Night”?  Are you loving Laura Rizzotto’s new musical direction? Have you downloaded the free Metastage app? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 years ago

Laura is absolutely SLAYING!!! We stan a queen!!!