At just 17 years old she landed at Eurovision 2010 with the song “Drip Drop” — a firm favourite of fans and the bookies alike. Since then Azerbaijani star Safura has grown as an artist and a person, taking a hiatus from music to focus on her family. Now, for the first time since 2016, she’s back with a new single called “High on Your Love” — an electro-tinged number about the euphoric feelings that only romance can bring. “No I can’t stop, ’cause it feels so good,” she sings. “No I can’t stop like I know I should….you got me, got me, got me so hooked.”

Her songwriters are behind some of our favourite national final entries. Michael James Down slayed with Vaida’s “Underground” and Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom’s “Good Enough”, while William Taylor is known for Aron Brink’s “Hypnotised” and Saara Aalto’s “Domino”, among others.

Safura’s lyric video drops on Friday at 00:00. But we’re thrilled to exclusively reveal it below. The 27-year-old beauty also spoke with us about the new song and addressed whether she’ll consider giving Eurovision another go…

Safura — “High on Your Love” lyric video

Safura, hello! We’ve missed hearing your music so much.

Hello! Thank you!

Back in 2014 — after giving birth to your baby boy — you announced that you were quitting music. Have you missed music over the past few years?

I have to say that after marriage and giving birth to my baby boy, I didn’t have time to even think about music. But later I started to think that if I’m not gonna come back on stage, maybe I can do it as a hobby because so many people around the world are asking me to release songs. So I decided to release “High on Your Love”. I really hope people will like it.

What motivated you to start releasing music again?

Music will always live in me. My motivation is my family.

“High on Your Love” has a strong electronic dance vibe — similar to your 2016 release “Baku”. Is electronic dance now your preferred genre?

Actually I think that if music is great then it is doesn’t matter that it’s electronic. In my opinion I must love it. And when Michael sent me songs to choose from I said: this is a hit and I’m gonna sing it.

What is “High on Your Love” about? Does it relate to your husband in any way?

Yes, it relates to my husband in the love way. The song is about love and passion. And I think it also relates to all people that are in love.

You were a favourite to win Eurovision in 2010, but then you drew first in the running order. Do you ever think you would have won if you drew a later spot?

Eurovision is a big and not-so-simple song contest. The most important thing in this contest is that people love your song and that the song stays in their memories. In my case, “Drip Drop” lives in the hearts of many people around the world even now. You can hear the song at weddings…if you go on YouTube you can see so many covers of it. In my case I think I had big success. It’s more important for me than winning.

Would you consider returning to Eurovision in the future? We would LOVE to see you again.

It is a big pleasure and huge responsibility to represent your country on ESC. I think that it’s enough to join Eurovision just once in a life. Thank you for your questions.

Are you loving Safura’s new song? Do you still play “Drip Drop”? Shout out in the comments down below.

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3 years ago

I’m glad to hear that she is happy in life.

Fast Food Music Lover
Fast Food Music Lover
3 years ago

Honestly the song doesn’t really show off her vocals but it’s a good song nevertheless. Glad she’s back in the game!

3 years ago

I wish she would came back 🙁