The Eurovision season is hotting up. And over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists (2020: Week 3)

Benjamin Ingrosso – “The Dirt”

Since appearing at Eurovision 2018, Benjamin Ingrosso has had a very successful two years. His past seven singles have all achieved gold or platinum certification in Sweden. Now, the “Dance You Off” singer is back with his first single of 2020. Titled “The Dirt”, it’s a smooth pop offering with a subtle, yet catchy, hook.

Mahmood – “Rapide”

“Rapide” sets a different tone compared to Mahmood’s previous singles “Barrio” and “Soldi”. The track sees the reigning Sanremo champ touch upon different aspects of his previous relationship. He settles the score with a past love. Lyrics like “I won’t fall into your rapids” or “now that I have nothing, I’ll defend myself from the trust I didn’t and don’t have” underline his state of mind. Read our full review here. (Florian)

Miki Nuñez & EMLAN – “Tira de la manta”

Spain’s Eurovision 2019 star continues his series of collaborations. This time he’s teamed up with upcoming Spanish singer-songwriter EMLAN. Their song “Tira de la manta” (Pull the blanket) is a joyful punk-pop romp, all about making the most of life. Check out the video for Miki’s new clean-shaven look! (Robyn)

Hatari – Neyslutrans

When they haven’t been touring or dismantling capitalism, Hatari have been hard at work recording their debut album Neyslutrans (Consumption Trance). It includes their Eurovision 2019 entry, recent singles, live favourites and new excursions into their own brand of Icelandic anticapitalist BDSM-inspired techno. Consume it before it consumes you. (Robyn)

Isaiah – “Thinking About You”

At Eurovision 2017 he spun round and round on a lazy Susan. Now, Isaiah’s musical direction has also undergone a slight change of direction. The Australian singer’s latest song, “Thinking About You”, is more uptempo than his releases from last year. The song has a funk vibe to it, and Isaiah also utilises the upper parts of his vocal range for the vocal hook in the chorus.

Lordi – “Like a Bee to the Honey”

The Eurovision 2006 winners show that they are still the masters of monster metal. “Like a Bee to the Honey” is a collaboration with Finnish glam rock legend Michael Monroe. The song comes with a driving rhythm and Lordi’s ever-present pop sensibility. If it’s not the lyrics (“Gotta dip into your fruit jar”), the seductive 80s-style sax solo is what will get you. (Robyn)

Timebelle feat. Alizé Oswald – “Beautiful People”

Having reached for the gods at Eurovision 2017 with their song “Apollo”, Timebelle now have their feet back on the ground. The Swiss trio’s latest song is “Beautiful People”, and the group are focusing on the beautiful people that they see all around them on Earth. For this song they’ve teamed up with fellow Swiss artist Alizé Oswald, who sings her parts in French.

Tim Schou – “High Water”

He took Denmark to the top five at Eurovision 2011 as the charismatic front man of A Friend In London. Since going solo, he’s maintained his cheeky persona in interviews, although his songs tend to be more serious. “High Water” was a surprise release, dropping unannounced at the end of last week. (Padraig)

The Fizz – “The World We Left Behind”

Fresh from campaigning in the British general election, Jay Aston is back in the recording studio with Cheryl Baker and Mike Nolan. Together they formed three-quarters of the UK’s Eurovision 1981 winners Bucks Fizz. Today they perform as The Fizz, producing unabashedly old school pop. “The World We Left Behind” acts as the lead track from their upcoming LP and sticks closely to the group’s deliciously retro formula. (Padraig)

Elena Temnikova & Emma M – “Нереальная любовь”

She was one of the original ladies of Serebro — Russia’s Eurovision 2007 trio. And since leaving the group in 2014, Elena Temnikova has been a bona fide hitmaker in her own right. In this collaboration with Emma M she sings of “Unreal Love”. In the video description she writes: “The combination of two bright characters, impeccable style and rebellion, tenderness and emotionality. A non-trivial story about how in modern reality the trajectories of fate intersect and covers with unreal love”. (Padraig)

Angelica Agurbash – “Мне любви твоей мало”

Dressed like royalty, Angelica Agurbash was only Belarus’ second-ever Eurovision act in 2005. And while she missed out on the final, she maintained a tight grip on her pop throne at home. Fifteen years later the crown shows no sign of slipping with “Your Love Is Not Enough”. This second music video for the single is noteworthy for unabashedly celebrating drag culture. (Padraig)

Aly Ryan – “You Ain’t Him”

She’s the “Wear Your Love” songstress that was a firm fan favourite in the German selection for Eurovision 2019. Despite finishing fourth, she gained some notoriety after she very publicly applied for 2020 selections in Switzerland, Ireland, Estonia and several other countries. But while she might like to wind up fans on social media, Aly is a popstar first and foremost. Her first release of the year is “You Ain’t Him”. Clocking in at under three minutes, we can’t help but wonder whether it was written with the song contest in mind. (Padraig)

Karin Park – “Empire Rising”

She co-wrote Norway’s Eurovision 2013 hit “I Feed You My Love”. And two years later, Karin Park competed in Melodi Grand Prix herself with “Human Beings”. Now, in advance of her upcoming LP, Karin has released “Empire Rising”. “Rough start on the new decade? The remedy is here. I wrote it for myself but maybe it’s exactly what you need to hear too”, she says on Instagram. (Padraig)

Elisa Lindström – “Ditt hjärta i min hand”

Despite not making it past the first stage of Melodifestivalen 2014, Elisa Lindström’s name regularly pops up on the rumour mill for Sweden’s national selection, most recently in 2017. Word on the grapevine is that she had to move aside for Loreen at the last moment. And now with the release of “Ditt hjärta i min hand” the speculation has started up again. Given that it comes in at exactly three minutes and features Melfest regular Thomas G:son on the writing team, many are surmising that it’s a reject from the competition. (Padraig)

Gaitana – “Сніг”

Ukraine’s Gaitana is much more than the party hard “Be My Guest” singer we saw on the Eurovision 2012 stage. Her single “Snow” is a much more emotional affair. She says that it’s “the story about each of us: our hopes and dreams, old memories and desires, dreams that come true and genuine love, which like the first snow, is always sudden, but so expected”. (Padraig)

Samira Said – “Hiya”

She barely registered on the 1980 scoreboard. Nonetheless, Morocco’s first — and to date only — Eurovision star Samira Said has gone on to become one of the most commercially successful song contest alums of all time. She has two World Music Awards to her name, and just wrapped up filming for her role as a coach on the pan Arab world version of The Voice. “Hiya” is taken from the soundtrack of a popular TV serial. (Padraig)

voXXclub – “Wieder Da”

Their the Neue Volksmusik band that brought a splash of colour to an otherwise staid German national final in 2018. Despite racking up a televote score way ahead of everyone bar the ultimate winner Michael Schulte, the group only finished sixth. Nonetheless, that was a mere blip in their award-winning career. “Wieder Da” is taken from their new LP, released earlier this month. (Padraig)

Diogo Piçarra feat. Lhast – “Cedo”

Diogo Piçarra is perhaps the biggest name to ever compete in Portugal’s Festival da Canção. However, his Eurovision 2018 participation wasn’t to be. His entry became bogged down in plagiarism allegations and he withdrew from the competition. However, that was a mere blip in his otherwise stellar career. “Cedo” is the latest single from his 2019 LP South Side Boy. (Padraig)

Senhit – “Heart Ache”

At Eurovision 2011, she represented San Marino with the ballad “Stand By”. With her new release “Heart Ache”, Senhit shows that she’s moving in an exciting new direction. The upbeat pop tune has a sophisticated energy, with a super catchy chorus. The video captures that feeling of the song, combining striking visuals, costumes and choreography to create a moody universe. And clocking in at three minutes, the song could even serve as a Eurovision entry if Senhit has a space in her diary come May. (Robyn)

Michael Schulte – “Dreaming Out Loud” (Acoustic)

Michael Schulte dropped his latest album Highs & Lows last year. Over the past month, Germany’s Eurovision 2018 act has been releasing a series of acoustic videos for songs from the album. Following on from “Someone”, “Don’t You Let Me Go” and “Let It Go”, the latest of these is for “Dreaming Out Loud”. Schulte performs the song in a black room and wearing a black hoodie, meaning that it’s his voice (and ginger hair) that stands out in the performance.

Which song is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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RAPIDE by Mahmood is a masterpiece


I love how active Miki is.


Neyslutrans is a masterpiece.


shame you didn’t share the first single “Rzeka” from Tulia’s (Poland 2019) upcoming album. It’s a treat.


I love this Lordi/Michael Monroe collaboration. So catchy!


too late, I have been consumed by Neyslutrans…

Anita Mann
Anita Mann

Wiktoria’s “We Don’t Talk” was released yesterday. It’s lovely.


I’m simple. I see Timebelle, I click 🙂

I miss their old style though 🙁


Neyslutrans is such a masterpiece. Hatari have really outdone themselves. Probably album of the year.


For those who didn’t hear: DMGP is bringing the orchestra back!

Loin dici

wait wh-