It is the competition where two young, undiscovered talents can earn the right to qualify for EMA 2020 — Slovenia’s national final for Eurovision. EMA FREŠ started with 18 songs. But after a series of convoluted qualification rounds 10 acts remain.

The 18 January show will see two acts progress to EMA proper. One qualifier will be chosen by an expert panel while a second will be selected by public vote.

EMA FREŠ 2020: Astrid in Avantgarden and Younite favourite to win

Ahead of the wildcard final on Saturday, we asked y’all to vote for your EMA Fresh favourites based on the previously released 30-second snippets.

The rising stars had a chance to turn their demos into studio-refined tracks. But who impressed you the most? We have the results!

The appropriately named avant-garde artist Astrid in Avantgarden was your overwhelming favourite to win. “Sing to Me” garnered 398 votes, with a whopping 42.61% of the total votes cast. That’s 300 above the second placed act.

Younite, who are going to sing “The Cure”, earn the second spot in a very close race. They got 110 votes and 11.78% of the total vote.

Third-placed Pia Nina’s case is notable as she and her song “Tukaj in Zdaj” were a mere five votes away from being named the second qualifier. She got 106 votes and 11.35% of the total vote percentage.

Poll: Which EMA FREŠ snippet is your favourite? (Results)

  1. Astrid in Avantgarden – “Sing to Me” 42.61% (398 votes)
  2. Younite – “The Cure” 11.78% (110 votes)
  3. Pia Nina – “Tukaj in zdaj” 11.35% (106 votes)
  4. Stella – “Ne vem, če sem v redu” 8.35% (78 votes)
  5. Lana Hrvatin – “Dream” 5.35% (50 votes)
  6. Saška – “Še kar lovim tvoj nasmeh” 5.14% (48 votes)
  7. Alfirev – “Črno bela lika” 4.6% (43 votes)
  8. Parvani Violet – “Cupid” 4.6% (43 votes)
  9. Marmoris – “Moj pristan” 3.32% (31 votes)
  10. Klarity – “Diham” 2.89% (27 votes)

Total Votes: 934

The winners will compete in Slovenia’s national final on 22 February. The full confirmed line-up for Slovenia’s EMA 2020 final is:

  1. Ana Soklič “Voda”
  2. Božidar Wolfand Wolf “Maybe Someday”
  3. Gaja Prestor “Verjamem vase”
  4. Imset “Femme Fatale”
  5. Inmate “The Salt”
  6. Klara Jazbec “Stop the World”
  7. Lina Kuduzović “Man Like U”
  8. Manca Berlec “Večnost”
  9. Simon Vadnjal “Nisi sam”
  10. Tinkara Kovač “Forever”
  11. EMA FREŠ winner 1
  12. EMA FREŠ winner 2

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[…] perhaps Slovenia will scale things back and use an online vote, similar to the EMA FREŠ online wildcard […]

2 years ago

They are amateurs, thats the point of this pre-preselection

2 years ago

I want to see Stella in the final

2 years ago
Reply to  Kosey

That song and sing to me sounded the most finished I have to say

Erste Reihe beim ESC / JESC
Erste Reihe beim ESC / JESC
2 years ago

put that coconut away !

Mr Vanilla Bean
Mr Vanilla Bean
2 years ago

Yes. I haven’t listened to any of the songs, but for the name alone, Astrid in Avantgarden of course needed to qualify.

2 years ago

She hasn’t done it yet ! She has a decent song I reckon , she should for sure