Alexandru is ready and putting on his pink jacket!

The former “Sweet 16” singer will be performing in Melodi Grand Prix Semi Final 3 with the pop song “Pink Jacket”. But what is the song all about? And more importantly, what will he be wearing? Wiwiblogger Anne caught up with the former boy-band member after his rehearsal on Thursday.

Alexandru was giddy after finishing his rehearsal. “It went amazing,” he said, flashing those pearly whites and dropping a huge grin. “I can’t wait to perform it and I am really happy.”

Initially you might think the song doesn’t have much substance: “It’s about a pink jacket that I bought, that I love and I feel really good in.”

But Alexandru goes beyond the pink chic to reveal something deeper. “The message behind the song is that you don’t have to be afraid to try something new that you really like. By doing that, you can also inspire others to find yourself and your style.”

Alexandru at Melodi Grand Prix

This isn’t Alexandru’s first try at Melodi Grand Prix. In 2016, he was one fifth of boy-band “Sweet 16” with their pop track “Anna Lee”. The young group succeeded in participating in the Gold Final and eventually finished a very respectable third place overall. “It was really fun back then and of course we were five guys and now I am only one so it’s a whole different experience as well, I can’t wait!”

We posed a cheeky question about whether he prefers being a solo artist or part of the group and Alexandru answered very diplomatically. “That’s really hard actually, I loved being in the boy band because we were such good friends but now that I am on my own, I have more to say about what I want to make music wise. There is good and bad in both.”

Of course, we were dying to ask him what he will be wearing on the night. “I will be wearing a pink jacket on Saturday and it’s a really cool show waiting for you guys.”

What do you think of Alexandru’s song “Pink Jacket”? Do you think he will join Raylee and Rein Alexander in the final? Let us know in the comments below.

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10 months ago

Pink jacket …. pfff. If ESC wants to stay mainstream, it needs to embrace diversity and not become a strictly gay event.