On Saturday she became the latest finalist in Melodi Grand Prix 2020 — Norway’s Eurovision selection process. Before sweeping to victory in semi-final three, “Pray For Me” songstress Kristin Husøy caught up with our Anne

Kristin Husøy – “Pray For Me” Melodi Grand Prix 2020 interview

She tells us that her country-tinged anthem comes together with a tightly-woven story.

“The song is about a relationship, where one of the people is not very good for the other one, so it is difficult. They know the other party is not good, but chooses to stay anyway.

It is not something I have experienced myself, but I’m hoping I can perform this story in a good way, so others who have experienced it can relate in earnest.”

She continues:

“I was approached by someone in NRK with this song that they thought was a good fit for me, and I loved it, so I was on board with participating.”

The ex-Voice alum claims to be very satisfied with her staging.

“It will be pretty simple, but it will develop into something more.”

The song was written by the same team behind Jaeger’s MGP 2020 entry “How About Mars”. That number lost out to the eventual winner of semi-final two — Alexander Rein’s “One Last Time”.

Kristin secured her spot in February’s Melodi Grand Prix final by beating out three other songs — Alexandru’s “Pink Jacket”, Thomas Løseth’s “Vertigo” and Sie Gubba’s “Kjære du”.

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