It’s the national selection that’s never afraid to be eclectic. And on Saturday 9 March, Portugal’s Festival da Canção 2020 comes to a close. Local fans can watch by switching their televisions to RTP1. International viewers will need to try alternative means.

Here’s when and how you can watch Festival da Canção 2020 grand final.

Watch Festival da Canção 2020 online

Grand Final — 7 March 2020

Time: 22:00 CET to 00:23 CET

The show will be live-streamed on RTP’s website.

Click to Watch Festival da Canção 2020 Semi-Final Two

  1. Filipe Sambado “Gerbera amarela do Sul”
  2. Jimmy P “Abensonhado”
  3. Tomás Luzia “Mais real que o amor”
  4. Elisa Rodrigues “Não voltes mais”
  5. Throes + The Shine “Movimento”
  6. Kady “Diz só”
  7. Elisa “Medo de sentir”
  8. Bárbara Tinoco “Passe-Partout”

Past shows

Semi-final one — 22 February 2020

The acts in bold qualified for the final.

  1. MEERA “Copo de gin”
  2. Filipe Sambado “Gerbera amarela do Sul”
  3. Ian Mucznik “O dia de amanhã”
  4. Bárbara Tinoco “Passe-Partout”
  5. Blasted “Rebellion”
  6. Elisa “Medo de sentir”
  7. JJaZZ “Agora”
  8. Throes + The Shine “Movimento”

Semi-final two — 29 February 2020

The acts in bold qualified for the final.

  1. Dubio feat. +351 “Cegueira”
  2. Luiz Caracol & Gus Liberdade “Dói-me o país”
  3. Judas “Cubismo enviesado”
  4. Kady “Diz só”
  5. Elisa Rodrigues “Não voltes mais”
  6. Cláudio Frank “Quero-te abraçar”
  7. Tomás Luzia “Mais real que o amor”
  8. Jimmy P “Abensonhado”

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Mark dowd
Mark dowd
4 years ago

This is a REBELLION…

4 years ago

Such a shame that the show is set to Saturdays this year as it was only show whose grand final I was able to watch live while at work on morning midweek.

Anyway, overseas viewers can catch the show live on RTP Play’s streaming service and on RTP International.