She first took part in the Belarusian national selection in 2017 with “We Should Be Together”. And in 2020 Angelika Pushnova is back and stronger than ever. She is one of twelve finalists in Belarus’ selection Natsionalniy Otbor with her entry “True Love”.

Angelika grew up in Minsk and studied journalism at the Belarusian State University. Next to being a singer, she’s also a presenter on Belarus’ ONT channel, where she presents the features programme “Dezhurnaya po gorodu”.

Wiwibloggs had the opportunity to speak to Angelika before the show. And we can confirm that she’s full of positive energy!

Angelika Pushnova interview

You last took part in the Belarusian final in 2017. How does it feel to be back?
It’s really cool! I am more than just excited, as this isn’t my first time, but it gives me a lot of pleasure, despite everything not always going according to plan. I decided to enjoy every moment of preparation and everything around the process. For this year’s final performance things will hopefully be better than ever before.

Can you tell us something more about your entry “True Love”?
“True Love” carries only positive energy and makes you want to dance. The song is truly me, true emotions, true love for everything that surrounds. I really want everyone that hears this song to get a portion of the sun, feel the rhythm, and just smile. And hopefully this will make the people around them feel the same way!

Your song was written by Nikos Sofis – who’s written several songs for Eurovision national final artists in the past – and famous Russian TikTokkers Nancy & Sidorov. What did you think of it when you first heard it?
In fact, I didn’t plan on participating this year until I first heard “True Love”. The guys from Moscow, Oleg Sidorov and Nastya Belyavskaya, sent me a demo, which I instantly liked. I then asked Nikos Sofis, with whom I have also worked last year, to polish the lyrics and he elevated them a lot. I think “True Love” reveals me in every way, even more than the songs I previously participated or tried with. What I really like is that this song charges the listener with positive energy. I believe in this song!

You will take the stage with “True Love” soon. How are you preparing your stage performance? What can we expect from you?
I have of course thought about my performance. What I know and what I want to achieve is to make everyone feel as if it were Summer. I want everyone to be nicer to each other, to smile at each other more often. That’s the general atmosphere I want to create in my live performance. No fashionable effects, no facades, only natural movements, real emotions, and positive energy.

You said in an interview that the preparation for your last final performance “We Should Be Together” was not easy. How are you preparing to deal with nerves and the pressure of taking part?
I just have a different attitude when it comes to my participations. Less stress, more positivity! I am sure that everything will be fine. The support I receive makes me strong, which I am really thankful for!

What do you think of your fellow competitors in the national selection?
They are good artists. I love and respect them. It’s a very interesting final this year, every entry is so different!

In the past, you tried to represent Belarus at Junior Eurovision and did not think to go to the adult version. You said in an interview you first got the idea to participate at Eurovison after you went to watch Melodifestivalen, Sweden’s Eurovision selection. What was in that show that inspired you to also want to go to Eurovision?
Everything about it inspired me! There were some really cool ideas for performances. Cool artists, cool songs, and I realized that I also want to try my luck in the selection.

If you win the right to represent Belarus at Eurovision, how do you plan to prepare for the competition in Rotterdam? Do you think you want to go on any promotional activities?
It’s too early to think about that, but I will definitely do everything I can and that’s in my power. I will remain myself and never stop thanking the people that support me.

Besides participating in the Belarusian selection, what can we expect from you in the near future?
I am already working on new songs. They will probably be released in Spring! I also want to organize some concerts in Minsk.

Do you have a message for your fans and readers on wiwibloggs?
Yes, thank you! I want to thank every single one of you for supporting me this year and also for having supported me throughout the years. I am very glad having made it to the final this year and I will give everything to send that energy, all of you give me, back to each and everyone of you during my performance!

Are you going to support Angelika Pushnova and her song “True Love” during Belarus’ Natsionalniy Otbor? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 years ago

GENERIC. That’s it.

Kazakhstan is Europe
Kazakhstan is Europe
2 years ago

I love Angelika, but this song is very mediocre. I hope they find a way to revamp it to a whole new level if they wish to qualify to the final

2 years ago

Belarus is one of the few countries the theme love is treated as fastfood music.

I mean, I still can’t get over: “I loove Belaruss gotta deep insideee.” Hope you try harder this time!

2 years ago
Reply to  Somebody

I hope Chakras will win this. They have such a unique song and it has no lyrics!!!! That’s cool. Tomorrow they’ll drop the music video which seems STUNNING!