Dubio 351 Portugal Eurovision 2020 Festival da Cancao

Festival da Canção 2020 is underway in Portugal, and on 29 February the Iberian nation will complete the line-up for its final. Semi-final two is less loaded with favourites than the first one, but one act has emerged as the clear winner of our poll — Dubio ft. +351.

Dubio ft. +351 should win semi-final two of Portugal’s Festival da Canção 2020

Dubio ft. +351 with “Cegueira” have amassed 50.72% of the 696 votes cast. That’s a total of 353 votes. Newcomers Dubio feat. +351 were selected from an open submissions call that received more than 200 songs. “Cegueira” combines traditional elements of pop with a fresh throwback to the past.

They were also popular with the Wiwi Jury. Robyn writes: “In a semi-final with a lot of pleasant but forgettable songs, along comes “Cegueira”. It starts off pleasant, then gets weird, throwing in some crunchy, obnoxious guitar just to throw things off balance. It’s the sonic equivalent of your drunk uncle coming along to disrupt a peaceful family lunch. But by the end, the weird and the pleasant have combined, making for an even more enjoyable mess”.

Runner-up Kady didn’t come even close. “Diz Só” only managed just 101 votes (14.51%). The song was written by Dino d’Santiago and derives inspiration from contemporary Portugal while diving in African-inspired sounds.

Jimmy P came third with his entry “Abensonhado”.  He’s one of the biggest names of Festival da Canção 2020. The hip-hop/rap singer and composer presents an entry that doesn’t fall far from what he has been producing lately. He’s got 86 votes (12.36%).

Florian writes: “Jimmy P’s song “Abensonhado” is a really contemporary piece of music that could open new doors for the nation at Eurovision. It’s the perfect mixture of traditional Portuguese music combined with modern rap and hip-hop sounds. Besides, this also allows it to really distinguish itself from its competition in this semi-final and thus would also be a worthy entry Portugal could be proud of at Eurovision”.

Elisa Rodrigues with “Não voltes mais” would be the last qualifier according to our readers.

Not to be mistaken with last week’s Elisa, she is another newcomer on the Portuguese music scene. With one album under her belt, she wrote “Não Voltes Mais”, a pop song à la Portuguese, with intense jazz vibes. She’s the favourite of 57 people between, which granted her 8.19% of the votes.

Poll results: Who should win semi-final two of Portugal’s Festival da Canção 2020?

  1. Dubio ft. +351 “Cegueira” 50.72% (353 votes)
  2. Kady “Diz Só” 14.51% (101 votes)
  3. Jimmy P “Abensonhado” 12.36% (86 votes)
  4. Elisa Rodrigues “Não Voltes Mais” 8.19% (57 votes)
  5. Judas “Cubismo Enviesado” 4.31% (30 votes)
  6. Luiz Caracol & Gus Liberdade “Dói-me o País” 3.45% (24 votes)
  7. Tomas Luzia “Mais Real Que o Amor” 3.3% (23 votes)
  8. Cláudio Frank “Quero-te Abraçar” 3.16% (22 votes)

Total Votes: 696

The four qualifiers from semi-final two will join Bárbara Tinoco, Elisa, Filipe Sambado and Throes + The Shine in the in Elvas. Last week, your poll favourites Blasted Mechanism were surprisingly sent home.

Do you agree with the results? Who are your four qualifiers? Will any of these acts go on to represent Portugal in Rotterdam? Tell us in the comment section below!

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