Eurovision 2020 is just a few months away and our Spotify playlist is slowly filling up. In our weekly update, we’ll once again keep track of how the competing Eurovision songs are performing. With our latest streaming update, Germany’s Ben Dolic and Iceland’s Daði & Gagnamagnið make strong debuts on the list.

With the March submission deadline still a few weeks away, most countries are yet to reveal or even select their entries. However, there’s more to come this month with several national finals as well as internal selections.

Once more entries have been revealed, we’ll also add sections looking into the streaming statistics on other platforms, such as Apple Music and YouTube.

Eurovision 2020 Spotify weekly streaming charts (1 March)

# +/- Country Streams  
1 = Italy 2.097.688 (-)
2 = Norway 652.534 (-)
3 = Lithuania 289.129 (-)
4 = Spain 210.632 (-)
5 NEW Belgium 140.493 (+)
6 NEW Ukraine 126.517 (+)
7 -2 Australia 123.328 (-)
8 -2 France 79.476  (-)
9 = Czech Republic 63.057 (+)
10 -2 Latvia 59.925 (-)
11 -4 Armenia 57.461 (-)

Eurovision 2020 Spotify total streaming charts (1 March)

Along with this week’s update, we’re also providing numbers regarding the change in streams compared to last week’s figures.

# +/- Country Streams
1 = Italy 11.209.979
2 = Norway 1.779.255
3 = Spain 988.290
4 = Lithuania 755.850
5 = Australia 482.859
6 NEW Iceland 360.433
7 +1 Belgium 276.132
8 -2 Latvia 232.247
9 -2 Czech Republic 225.524
10 NEW Germany 200.438
11 -2 France 180.943
12 -1 Ukraine 152.494
13 -3 Armenia 125.130
14 NEW United Kingdom 109.054
15 NEW Poland 103.650
16 NEW Estonia 50.368
17 NEW Belarus 12.422
18 NEW Moldova 5.907


As of Sunday 1 March, Italy’s Diodato is ahead of both Norway’s Ulrikke and Spain’s Blas Cantó in third position. Rounding out the top five are Lithuania and Australia.

Furthermore, out of the debuting entries, Iceland’s Daði & Gagnamagnið make the highest debut ahead of Germany’s Ben Dolic and United Kingdom’s James Newman. And just behind, Poland, Estonia, Belarus and Moldova also make their debut on this week’s list.

Besides, the entries from Albania, Slovenia and Croatia are yet to be released on the platform.

On the weekly chart, Italy is ahead of the pack by some distance. Norway’s Ulrikke remains in second position. Notably, Belgium and Ukraine both debut in the top ten most-streamed songs of the past week. Czech Republic’s Benny Cristo is one of the very few acts that received more streams this week compared to the previous one.

Here’s why some countries receive less streams from the domestic audience

Notably, Spotify’s consumption rate differs among the competing countries. While it’s particularly big in the northern and western countries, Spotify is yet to be available in some Balkan and Eastern European countries. Nevertheless, it might suggest which songs are currently receiving lots of streams and gains in popularity. At this very early stage, it’s fair to assume that most of these streams are from the domestic audience. Eventually, as the hype train builds on the road to Eurovision, however, music will definitely be streaming across borders.

What do you think about the current Spotify stats? Do the latest numbers indicate positive reactions for Italy’s Diodato? Let us know in our comments below!

Eurovision 2020 Spotify playlist

Eurovision 2020 Apple Music playlist

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3 years ago

I just hope that Iceland and Romania or Lithuania will not win because the is no point of countries like uk taking seriously if joke acts win