The Eurovision season is hotting up. Over recent months we’ve been falling in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 10

Eleni Foureira – “YAYO”

Eurovision 2018 runner-up Eleni Foureira has released a number of hits in her post-Eurovision career. She continues the trend with her new single “YAYO”. The title is Spanish slang for the drug cocaine, with the Greek singer proclaiming to her partner that “your love is my yayo”. The song also features a rap verse from Greek rapper Kareem Kalokoh.

Luca Hänni – “Nie Mehr Allein”

Luca Hänni gave Switzerland their best result at Eurovision for 26 years after finishing fourth at the 2019 contest. Now, the star has released his new single “Nie Mehr Allein” (“Never Alone Again”). It’s a funky pop track that allows Hänni to show off his cheeky personality. The Swiss singer puts his dancing skills to good use in the accompanying music video, twirling around the various rooms of a house with Dutch dancer Mijntje Lupgens.

Cleo – “Alfabet Świateł”

Cleo’s music career has gone from strength to strength since representing Poland at Eurovision 2014. Her latest song is “Alfabet Świateł” (“Alphabet of Lights”). A contemporary pop track, the song has a catchy electronic beat underlying the chorus. The lyric video features imagery of a planet rotating in space alongside Cleo playing with a mirror while in the desert.

Ani Lorak – “Я бы летала”

Eurovision 2008 runner-up Ani Lorak has continued her career to much success over the past decade. The Ukrainian singer’s latest single is “Я бы летала” (“I’d fly”), which comes from her fifteenth studio album Za Mechtoy (For The Dream), released last year. A mid-tempo pop track, the accompanying music video sees Lorak exploring the coastline in a number of stunning white-coloured outfits.

Francesca Michielin (feat. Fabri Fibra) – “MONOLOCALE”

Another week and another new single from Francesca Michielin. Italy’s Eurovision 2016 act continues her series of collaborations with “MONOLOCALE” (“Studio Flat”), which features rapper Fabri Fibra. This latest song, as well as her other recent releases, will be included on her upcoming album FEAT (Stato di Natura). The LP will drop next Friday 13th March – unlucky for some, but most definitely not for Francesca Michielin.

NEVENA – “Nestajem s Vetrom”

Nevena Božović brought an emotional Balkan ballad to Eurovision 2019. Now, the Serbian singer (going by NEVENA) is serving much the same for her latest release, “Nestajem s Vetrom” (“I’m missing the wind”). As with “Kruna”, this new song mixes orchestral string instruments with electric guitar to add dynamism, particularly towards the end. The music video predominantly switches between clips of NEVENA strolling through the forest and performing the song in a home library.

Lara Fabian – “C’est l’heure”

Lara Fabian is another star who has continued her music career well after her Eurovision appearance. The Canadian-Belgian star represented Luxembourg at the 1988 contest and has released fourteen studio albums since then. Her new single is “C’est l’heure” (“It’s time”). Opening with a piano, the track then picks up the pace as Fabian’s smooth vocals enter simultaneously with a driving percussion beat. This combination results in a catchy song that still effortlessly glides along.

Loïc Nottet – “Heartbreaker” (Official Music Video)

A couple of weeks ago Belgium’s Loïc Nottet released his new single “Heartbreaker”. Early this week, the Eurovision 2015 participant dropped the music video for the track. The clip is filmed entirely in one shot and sees Nottet dancing around a number of different sets – a classroom, drive-in cinema, bedroom and finishing off in a balloon-filled hall.

Philipp Kirkorov – Романы, Часть 1

Philipp Kirkorov was Russia’s second ever Eurovision artist in 1995. The star hasn’t slowed down since then, releasing a plethora of songs over the past two and a half decades. This week, the Russian singer dropped his new album Романы, Часть 1 (Novels, Part 1). It features sixteen tracks, including recent single “Романы”. By the title of the LP alone, it’s clear that Kirkorov isn’t ready to stop any time soon and that a part two will most likely be forthcoming.

Rosa López – “A Quién Le Importa”

Rosa López brought a celebration to Eurovision 2002. Now, the Spanish songstress has dropped the new track “A Quién Le Importa” (“Who Cares”). The pop track has a throwback vibe to it and wouldn’t have been out of place at Eurovision during the 2000’s. López will perform the new song during her upcoming Vaico Tour.

Kristian Kostov – “Honest” (Official Music Video)

Kristian Kostov’s latest single is “Honest”. The Bulgarian singer released the audio for the song a couple of weeks ago, but now he’s also given us a music video. In it, the Eurovision 2017 runner-up is on the search for his partner, who has stopped answering Kostov’s phone calls. As he heads over to their apartment, the video is filled with a number of on-screen graphics – similar to those that Kostov utilised in his Eurovision performance.

Nina Badric – “Da biram”

At Eurovision 2012, Nina Badric performed the Balkan ballad “Nebo”. Although the Croatian singer failed to qualify to the grand final, she’s not let that moment set her back and she continues to release a number of traditional ballads for us to enjoy. Her latest is “Da biram” (“To choose”), which mixes legato violin instrumentation with a staccato clicking beat.

ALEKSEEV – “Снов осколки 2020”

Ukrainian singer ALEKSEEV took to the Eurovision stage to represent Belarus in 2018. The star’s latest song sees ALEKSEEV revamping his previous hit “Снов осколки” (“Shattered Dreams”). The 2020 version of the track adds in a pulsing beat that turns it into a dance track. The Ukrainian singer’s musical style has certainly changed over recent years, and this revamp helps demonstrate that continuing creative process.

Scott Fitzgerald – “Your World Is Now Waiting”

Céline Dion may have become a global superstar, but her Eurovision victory was almost somebody else’s. Scott Fitzgerald missed out on the Eurovision 1988 trophy by one point, instead adding to the UK’s record number of second-place finishes. Fitzgerald has now returned for his first single release in 30 years. “Your World Is Now Waiting” is a charity single, with all proceeds going towards UK charity Cancer Is A Drag, who support people living with cancer by providing practical support. The single will be released on digital platforms in the coming months. But, to whet our appetite, composer Tony Power has uploaded the track to YouTube.

SHLAKOBLOCHINA (feat. FEARMUCH) – “Новая сила киски”

Vidbir 2019 winner MARUV sadly didn’t make it to Eurovision after a dispute with the Ukrainian broadcaster. However, the singer is moving forward and concentrating on the future. MARUV is doing so under her alter ego SHLAKOBLOCHINA. The Ukrainian star is set to release the new EP FATALITY on 11th April. Before then, she has teased us with the first song “Новая сила киски” (“New pussy power”). A pop track with a prominent electronic beat in the chorus, it also includes a verse from featured rapper FEARMUCH.

Hayes and Wiktoria (feat. Famous Dex) – “F*** This Place Up”

Three-time Melodifestivalen star Wiktoria is at the top of many people’s wish lists to eventually represent Sweden at Eurovision. For now, the singer has teamed up with music producer Hayes on the new single “F*** This Place Up”. Hayes may be better known to some as Norwegian-British actor Thomas Hayes, who played the role of William Magnusson in the Norwegian teen drama series Skam. “F*** This Place Up” is a contemporary dance-pop track with a drop in the chorus. It also features American rapper Famous Dex.

Aimée – “I’m Ok”

Aimée finished as the runner-up in Eurosong 2013, Ireland’s national final for Eurovision 2013. She’s since carved out her own music career. The Irish singer’s new single is “I’m Ok”, which will be included in her upcoming EP Confession. It’s a mid-tempo song in which Aimée shows her vulnerability, singing “I’m Ok not being Ok”. The star’s vocals shine throughout, but particularly as the track builds during the final chorus.

Which song is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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