The Eurovision 2020 season may have come to an unexpected end, but the music will always continue. While we may have to socially distance ourselves from others at the present time, past Eurovision artists are thankfully still producing new music for us to enjoy in the meantime.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 13

PAX (Paradise Auxiliary) [feat. Roxen] – “Over and Over”

Roxen was all set to represent Romania at Eurovision 2020, until the contest was cancelled earlier this month. But, the star isn’t letting that stop her from moving forward with her music career. Roxen features on “Over and Over”, the new song by PAX (Paradise Auxiliary). PAX is the stage name of music producer Viky Red, who also composed Roxen’s Eurovision 2020 song “Alcohol You” (and fellow Selecția Națională 2020 entry “Storm”). “Over and Over” is a contemporary pop-dance track that Roxen adds an extra edge to with her sultry vocals.

Homes and Benny Cristo – “Lockdown Love”

His would-be Eurovision 2020 song “Kemama” was all about picking yourself up and slaying on your own terms. And now the Czech Republic’s Benny Cristo is keeping the good vibes coming — even amid the coronavirus pandemic — with his uplifting number “Lockdown Love”. Recorded alongside guitarist Homes, the song encourages everyone to follow the ongoing self-isolation and quarantine rules so we can collectively beat this virus. But he also sends encouraging words and ideas to make life more bearable while you’re isolated. Read more about the track here. (William)

Mahmood – “Eternantena”

Italy is the European country that has been hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. During his time in lockdown, Eurovision 2019 runner-up Mahmood has taken the time to write the new song “Eternantena”. The song title is a play on ‘eterna quarantena’, which translates to ‘eternal quarantine’. Produced by Muut, the song opens with a series of horns before bringing in an electronic drum rhythm as the Italian star combines his singing and rapping abilities. In the description of the music video, Mahmood says the track is a gift to fans in response to the support they have given him over recent weeks:

“Sometimes it is only in silence that we remember who we are and what we want to become. This period is giving us the opportunity to all be united for a single goal. Every day I read your messages full of support and encouragement and to thank you I decided to give you a small gift. This is my first unedited social, as a gift to everyone.”

Polina Gagarina – “Ты не целуй”

New music Friday also happened to fall on Polina Gagarina’s birthday this week. Thus, the Eurovision 2015 runner-up decided to give a gift to her fans and released the new song “Ты не целуй” (“You don’t kiss”). An emotional ballad, the lyrics of the track were written by Russian poet Mikhail Gutseriev. Speaking about the song in the description of the lyric video, Gagarina notes:

“This is a timeless romance, a classic dedication of love in poetry, with a beautiful and delicate melody that touches me madly! We worked on the song for a long time, but it was worth it.”

Blanche – “Fences”

Belgium’s Blanche is set to release her debut album Empire on 24 April. But while we wait, the Eurovision 2017 singer has dropped another song from the LP for us to enjoy. “Fences” sees Blanche turn the BPM up a bit and is perhaps her most danceable track to date (at least in the chorus). But, it’s still well within her moody-pop repertoire. A drum beat underlines the song, while electronic instrumentation is added into the chorus to create dynamism.

Ilkay Sencan, Era Istrefi and Arash – “No Maybes”

Forget Pitbull, Eurovision 2009 star Arash is certainly turning into Mr Worldwide with his musical collaborations. The Swedish-Iranian singer has teamed up with Kosovo-Albanian star Era Istrefi and Turkish DJ Ilkay Sencan for the new song “No Maybes”. The track also features three different languages – Istrefi sings the verses and choruses in Albanian and English respectively, while Arash delivers his section in Persian. A club-friendly pop banger at its core, the song includes a beat drop in the chorus.

Kristína – Snívanky

When the daily debate over robbed Eurovision entries crops up in the Eurofan bubble, Slovakia’s Kristína is usually included amongst the chatter. The Eurovision 2010 star was a fan favourite with her song “Horehronie”, but failed to qualify for the grand final. Nevertheless, Kristína has continued a very successful career in her home country and has now released her sixth studio album, titled Snívanky (Dreams). This LP is slightly different to her previous records, in that it’s been done in collaboration with children’s book author Zuzana Štelbaská. Talking on Instagram about the release, Kristína says:

“The album is dedicated to those who never stopped dreaming. It is dedicated to children, loving parents and those who like to return for a while through music stories to their childhood times.”

ALEKSEEV and Irina Dubtsova – “Один из нас”

Ukrainian star ALEKSEEV has built his career around solo releases so far. But, Belarus’ Eurovision 2018 star has now ventured out into the world of collaborations and teamed up with Irina Dubtsova, who was the winner of the fourth season of Fabrika Zvyozd (Russia’s take on Star Academy/Operación Triunfo). “Один из нас” (“One of us”) is a dynamic duet that fits in well with ALEKSEEV’s solo discography. The Ukrainian singer mentioned in the description of the audio video that he was happy with the final result:

“We experimented a lot with the vocal parts and the tempo of the composition itself. It is pleasant that Irina, as the author, was not afraid of changes and completely trusted us. This suggests that she is for musicality and creativity. For me it was the first experience working on a duet studio composition, and I am very pleased with our result.”

Ryan O’Shaughnessy – Live Off the Floor Vol.1 (Dublin)

Ryan O’Shaughnessy will feature on the first episode of the newly announced Eurovision Home Concerts, but the Irish singer also gave us a taste of his live acoustic style earlier this week. The Eurovision 2018 star dropped the short EP Live Off the Floor Vol.1 (Dublin) on Friday, and also uploaded a video of the performances to YouTube. O’Shaughnessy performs three songs, including the new original tracks “What Is Loving Anymore” (with Fiona Harte) and “You Have Never Walked Alone”. The final song is a cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Whisky and You”.

Samira Said – “Waqe3 Magnoun”

Samira Said has the honour of being Morocco’s first, and so far only, Eurovision star. After competing in the 1980 contest, the star has continued a strong music career in the 30 years since. Said has now dropped the new song “واقع مجنون” (“Crazy Reality”). It’s a mid-tempo ballad that is full of traditional Arabic instrumentation. The accompanying music video features a number of people passionately singing along to the song.

María Isabel and Moncho Chavea – “Sentir Cosquillitas”

María Isabel remains the most recent Spanish artist to have won any form of Eurovision contest, after taking home the Junior Eurovision trophy in 2004. She later competed in Spain’s national final Objetivo Eurovisión 2016, finishing in fourth place. Now, the fiery señorita has collaborated with Moncho Chavea on “Sentir Cosquillitas” (“To Feel Ticklish”). It’s a modern Latin pop song that would easily fit on many a Spotify playlist. In the music video, Isabel serves attitude and werks her angles, donning a shoulder-length pink wig at points.

Bella Santiago – “Good Lovin'”

Two time Selecția Națională contestant Bella Santiago eventually struck gold when she won the eighth season of X Factor Romania. The Filipino-Romanian singer has now dropped the new single “Good Lovin'”. Santiago has done a number of Beyoncé covers during her time on reality singing competitions, and this latest song sees her channelling her own inner Sasha Fierce. It’s slightly old school and mixes snare drums with a bit of funk.

Markus Riva – “Обними Меня”

There are few certainties in life – birth, taxes and Markus Riva appearing in Latvia’s national final Supernova. Sadly, 2020 was the first time in seven years that he failed to make it to the live shows. But, while we wait to see what he comes up with for next time, the Latvian star still has new music for us. His latest song is “Обними Меня” (“Give me a hug”). Fans of Riva may recognise the track, as it’s the Russian-language version of his previous song “Apskauj Mani Vēl”, which featured on the star’s recent Latvian studio album Laika Upe. He’s also recently released “Без тебя” (“Without You”), again a Russian-language version of past single “Nevaru Tā”.

Aimée – Confession

Aimée was the runner-up in Ireland’s Eurovision 2013 national final Eurosong. Seven years later, and she’s now released her debut EP, which is titled Confession. The record contains five songs, including previous singles “Don’t Call Me Pretty” and “I’m OK”. The collection of songs displays the growth that Aimée has gone through over the past seven years and her evolving sound as an artist.

ISA – “Gravity”

ISA competed in Melodifestivalen consecutively in 2015 and 2016 and was also part of Malou Prytz’s team at Melfest 2019 and 2020. The Swedish singer’s latest song is “Gravity”, which ISA notes in the audio video’s description as “definitely one of my absolute favourite songs I’ve released and written”. Lyrically, ISA sings about feeling a connection to the person she’s fallen for: “We’re two opposites / Cos’ when you pull me in / I feel your gravity”.

Which song is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Voltaj released a new music video for their recent song “Om” (Human)


Voltaj released a new music video for their recent song “Om” (Human).


Ryan O’Shaughnessy, Mahmood, Blanche

Joseph Shaulov
Joseph Shaulov

There’s a high chance Bella watched wayyyy too much High School Musical


Hurricane just dropped a new song called Roll the Dice


Fences is so good! Blanche has been the artist I’ve followed the most since she participated and she never disappoints!

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Beatriz Costa

What about Claudia Pascoal? She released her amazing debut album this week


Blanche and Mahmood are killing it!

Mr Vanilla Bean
Mr Vanilla Bean

Finally an ‘Empire’ to look forward to.