Blas Canto Eurovision 2020 Messages Past Stars

There’s still sadness in the air following the cancellation of Eurovision 2020. But amidst all the bad news last week, there was a little sign of mucho amor for Spain’s chosen singer Blas Cantó. Shangay, the country’s biggest LGBT outlet, honoured the Murcian artist by asking former Spanish representatives to come together and spread a wave of love and support in the current times.

At the date of writing, up to 18 artists have sent video messages to the “Universo” crooner.

Spain’s former Eurovision stars send messages to Blas Cantó

The following stars have sent their best wishes:

  • Karina (1971)
  • Micky (1977)
  • Betty Missiego (1979)
  • Remedios Amaya (1983)
  • Camelo Martínez from La Década Prodigiosa (1988)
  • Eva Santamaría (1993)
  • Anabel Conde (1995)
  • Lydia (1999)
  • Mikel Hennet from D’NASH (2007)
  • Soraya (2009)
  • Daniel Diges (2010)
  • Lucía Pérez (2011)
  • Pastora Soler (2012)
  • Ruth Lorenzo (2014)
  • Edurne (2015)
  • Barei (2016)
  • Manel Navarro (2017)
  • Miki Nuñez (2019)

All eighteen messages are available to watch at Shangay. Many more artists wanted to contribute, but due to technical and personal reasons couldn’t do so. But in any case, here’s a summary of some of the support messages to Blas.

Karina – Eurovision 1971

“My dear Blas Cantó, I just want to tell you that your universe has been wise, because it wanted no more victims from this COVID19 disease, and that’s why the contest got suspended. But you should not worry, Eurovision will be back, and so will joy, and everyone to sing. And you, in a new world, you will sing your universe. Kisses, and don’t worry, eurofaaans”.

Betty Missiego – Eurovision 1979

“It’s truly sad, this year, we won’t be able to watch Eurovision knowing how we all love it. And mostly to eurofans, it’s such a shame, but unfortunately, we got this disease that is somehow teaching us how to live together and to do what one wants, without the worry of going outside. Let’s get together soon, families, and also those who are alone. I love you eurofans. And Blas, a year goes too fast, and you’re really young with lots of things ahead of you, so no worries. Actually the opposite, work hard and be ready to sell your song. All I want is peace and happiness and the best of luck when Blas goes to Eurovision next year”.

Anabel Conde – Eurovision 1995

“Blas, I’m sure you felt sad after what happened with Eurovision, but, this doesn’t mean you won’t make your dream come true. I’m sure next year when you step the stage, you will place us high because you’re a great artist. To all eurofans, we are all sad too, but we have no other option. Health is first and we should stay home”.

Soraya – Eurovision 2009

“As we all know, this year’s contest won’t take place. But I’m happy in one way, since Blas Cantó will represent us again and I believe we do have the best representative we could ever get. I want to make a petition to everyone who loves this festival, to stream these days the music from these artists that won’t be able to go to Eurovision. Let’s make this music reach all countries and be present in today’s times”.

Lucía Pérez – Eurovision 2011

“After finally assimilating that Eurovision won’t take place this year, I want to send a message to our dear Blas that you have my support and my strength, and we will be with you until Eurovision 2021 takes place. Always from all things bitter from life, good things will come now and I want to think and this next year’s edition will be very special. Please take care and… don’t take the fun away from me!”

Pastora Soler – Eurovision 2012

“Sending all eurofans a big hug, in which I include myself, since we are sadly staying with this sorrow that the Festival won’t take place, especially with my delight to have seen my dear Blas Cantó. But, we will go next year with our wills multiplied and all the excitement in the world.”

Ruth Lorenzo – Eurovision 2014

“Everything happens for a reason, and I firmly believe Eurovision will come back really strong, meaning something completely different and new, reinforcing us. I’m sending a big kiss to Blas, that I believe in him and I’m with him. And everyone at home, lots of love.”

Edurne – Eurovision 2015

“It’s really sad the Festival had to be cancelled, but I think it’s the correct thing to do as how things are unfolding. It’s okay, next year we will come back with more strength to support Blas. All my love to Blas, would have loved to have seen you in that stage, but take the positive side, you have now more time to get ready. And to enjoy every step of this new journey.”

Barei – ESC 2016

“I’m sending a huge message of support to Blas since I imagine he is having a tough time. My dear, take this as a new opportunity, with more time to imagine, to create, to rethink how you want to do things. We will be there with more strength since this will unite us all more. And to everyone and eurofans, to tell you, these are difficult times that not even in wars we can experience this level of loneliness, which I fear most. Let’s remember everyone who is suffering and passing away this way. I want to send huge support and kisses to everyone watching, we will come back to normality, and Eurovision too. Blas you will nail it, today, next year and any time, we know it”.

Miki Nuñez – Eurovision 2019

“We are a bit dismayed that the Contest got suspended, but I think if the format how the festival has been happening these last editions should be kept, it was unfeasible to do due to present COVID19 situation. But no worries, Blas, people will now have another year to enjoy your song, and for you to practise. If you were about to nail it, imagine next year. Will be incredible. The Universe will bring you things back.”

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4 years ago

Are they overreacting? I mean, we’re all sad that it’s cancelled but it’s not tragedy nor end of the world.

They’re acting like someone kill his whole family. Or his boyfriend lol (yes we know it Blas).

In reality, it’s actually blessing for him because he’ll have double more time to make new (better) song. And he should be lucky because he was selected once again to represent Spain, many other artists from this year didn’t have that luck.

4 years ago

Although Spain hasn’t always had the best songs, just seeing the quality of their past entrants as artists is amazing. They’ll definitely get there and it’s great to see these guys supporting Blas.

4 years ago

That’s a really nice thing for them all to do. It also makes me happy seeing not just all these Spanish artists uniting in support for another, but also showing a lot of love for the contest in general.

4 years ago
Reply to  Joe

And bless them for featuring Remedios Amaya. Way ahead of her time in 1983.

4 years ago
Reply to  Joe

And I’ll be real, I didn’t know Micky from ’77 was still around! I love “Ensename a cantar.”