She placed tenth at Eurovision 2012. He would have represented Spain in Rotterdam this year.

And now Pastora Soler and Blas Cantó have come together.

The dynamic duo have joined forces for a rework of “Mi Luz” taken from Soler’s 2019 album Sentir.

Pastora Soler – “Mi Luz ft. Blas Cantó”

Spain’s Eurovision stars teased the news earlier this week on Instagram:

The video clip was unveiled on Thursday:

Colour is a major theme in the stylized video.

Things open with Pastora, a vision in yellow. Category is 1980s Madrid businesswoman about town. Think big shoulder pads and bigger hair.

Surrounded by her backing dancers, she looks straight through the camera into your soul.

Things turn blue for our boy Blas. He works handography and a black sequin suit, swapping out for a metallic bomber jacket later.

The track explodes with kinetic energy at the first chorus. The duo’s backing dancers join together.

Flashing light punctuates the second verse, with a watery affect washing over our stars.

At the second chorus the stars sing into one another’s eyes. The bridge is set against green as Blas and Pastora show off their considerable vocal chops. This pair are not playing.

They end silhouetted in blue as the shot fades to black.

“Mi Luz” – The Meaning

“Mi luz” translates as “My Light” and the songs reads as two lovers proclaiming how they will always love one another despite a break up.

“As much as our history has an end, I will never forget you, You will always be my light,” the hitmakers sing on the chorus.

The track is a great showcase for their vocals. For Eurofans who think of Pastora as a balladeer, it should be a welcome surprise and shows off her versatility as an artist.

And for Blas fans, the collab can serve to soothe the wound that they won’t see “Universo” on stage in Rotterdam.

It follows a live performance the duo gave of the song on New Year’s Eve 2019:

Do you like “Mi Luz”? What about the video? Let us know in the comments below!


Photo Credit: RTVE, Warner music

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7 months ago

Sería maravilloso oir esta canción en Eurovisión 2021

7 months ago

What an amazing song..

7 months ago

I like everything which involve Blas.

Ok, song is good too. But I have soft spot for Spanish and Italian language anyway.